Summary: Sources; Characteristics of a Healthy Church -- Willow Creek; Ten Characteristics of a Healthy Church Vision -- New England; Characteristics of a Healthy Church -- Sonlife Ministries -- Dann Spader; Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches-- Natural

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5. Empowering Leadership

The proof of a good leader is creating another leader, not more followers. Develop servant-leadership by strategically mentoring, teaching and serving the believers. A true leader’s measure of success is when they have succeeded in helping others to be successful. Leadership should be about identifying, articulating the vision and giving proper co-ordination and direction celebrating, giving expression to, co-coordinating and resourcing the ministry of the whole church.

6. Participative Membership

Members of the church should contribute in some way to its life, work and witness. They should share in decision-making and consensus building. Together they solve problems and deal with conflict. It should be more of a collaboration and partnership between leadership and members.

7. A Loving, Authentic Community Of Faith

Commit to nurturing loving/caring relationships that are based on trust, acceptance, openness, honesty and respect. Celebrate diversity and value people for who they are without feeling like it’s your job to change them.

8. Discipleship Oriented

The implicit goal of leadership is not in keeping people happy but helping them be holy. Help people to explore the faith, discover God’s love, and keep growing at living out and applying their faith. Strategic leadership directs people to get involved in systematic theological growth, personal disciplines, strong Christology, and biblical priorities.

9. Outreach Focused

Strategic outreach focused on needs-oriented evangelism should permeate every ministry of the church. Outreach must be incorporated into the values of the church. Stay consciously aware of the joys and sorrows of the surrounding communities. Work with people for personal and social change and to serve the joys/concern/hopes/struggles of local communities. Help people live the faith and share their faith. The church mission should be expressed, not just in what the church organizes locally, but also in the quality of the community life of the church and in the daily lives of its members.

10. Passionate Prayer

Facilitate a dynamic trusting relationship with God by becoming completely dependant on Him through prayer to the point of total surrender to His will. Encourage people to keep on asking for what they need, seeking what they earnestly desire and to keep on knocking when their desire/need becomes of great importance.

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