Summary: A Part of a series of sermons that emphasized our Core Values in the Church of the Nazarene.

Church of the Nazarene Core Values

Pastor Glenn Newton 10-24-99

This morning all over the World, Pastors in the Church of the Nazarene are

Preaching Sermons that Emphasize Our Core Value Beliefs. Who We Are. What We

Believe In.

And for those that might think about such things, This is not a sermon produced by

HeadQuarters in KC, They just encouraged each Church to Deal with our Core Beliefs as

we enter the New Millennium, We should be reminded of Who we are, Where We Come

From, and Where Were Going. I hope that puts your mind at ease.

Obviously, I am not going to be able to go through our whole statement of Faith,

but instead I want to share with you Three Values that Distinguish us not only as

Christians, but also a people who are called Nazarenes. (Two this morning, One tonight)

Our Values are important. Everyone of you here this morning have values for

every area of your life. Your Values are determined by how you live your life, the

decisions that you make.

For example. I just walked out of Wal-Mart, the cashier girl was a little bit

scatterbrained, and I notice she gave me $10 more in change that she should have. Your

values will determine what you do next. Will you be dishonest and try to tell yourself that

this is God’s way of helping you pay your bills, or will that Value of Honesty come to the

front and you will take it back into the cashier? What you value will be determined by the

choices you make.

Your values effect where you eat. Will it be McDonalds or Wendy’s or Subway?

Some will pick the restaurant because of taste buds, what ever tastes the best, others will

pick because of cost, what do you get for buck, others will pick based on service, is it

clean or dirty, is it fast or slow. Whatever is a value to you will help you decide where to


Now a little side note: For you men who value letting your wife pick the place to

eat, Your not eating anywhere because she can’t make up her mind. I’m just kidding.

Now I value my life, so I will apologize right now for that last comment.

Obviously, our values come into play in our spiritual walk, in our commitment to

the church. Remember, our Values are determined by the choices we make. Our values

are not so much determined by what we say, but what we do. A lot of people claim with

their mouth to be a Christian, but based on what they do, the choices they make, it would

be hard to say they are living for Christ.

If I value my relationship with God, I’ll spend time with him. I will pray or talk to

him, I will read/study His Word which Reveals His Plan for my life, I will Worship him.

Those will be choices I make because I value my Relationship with him. Listen to me this

morning......When I value this Relationship with Jesus, these things are not “I have to

things....or I better or I will feel guilty things......” but instead, “I choose to, because I

want to.” That’s a huge difference isn’t it?

As a Christian, not only will I value my Relationship with Jesus, but I will also

Value fellowship with fellow believers. Coming to church to worship, coming to pray

together, coming to share your gifts and talents within the body, giving your tithe, being

committed to your fellow church members are Values that are vitally important as a


Friends, What is it that you Value? The choices you make will point you to the


You see, this morning I’m going to share with you about what the Church of the

Nazarene stands for and Believes in, and it’s important that we know and understand that

because were Nazarenes.

But there’s two things that I want us to get ahold of this morning, First, we will be

reminded of what we believe are the Great Values that our Denomination hold high,

Secondly, and equally important, we need to determine if Our Values match up with what

we say we believe in.

Turn in your Bibles with me to Ephesians 4:1-6

The First Value that we need to be reminded of is this: We Are A Christian People.

We are united with all believers in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This

morning, your first obligation, even as a member is not to this Local Church or our

Denomination, But your first obligation, allegiance belongs to Jesus Christ your Savior.

We must never lose sight of that. Our Church, the Church of the Nazarene recognizes the

fact that we are one of many churches that Put Christ As Lord,

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