Summary: The "Purpose of the Church" - an Organization Charge brought to Friendship Baptist Church - New Albany, IN

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Friendship Baptist Church

Organization Charge

The Purpose of the Church

Acts 16:6-10

6 Now when they [Paul, Silas, and Timothy] had gone through Phrygia and the region of Galatia, they were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia. 7 After they had come to Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit did not permit them. 8 So passing by Mysia, they came down to Troas. 9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” 10 Now after he had seen the vision, immediately we [Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke] sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them. [NKJV]


.. Several months ago –

. A few of you began to meet with Brother John | Sandy at their home for Bible study.

. Expanding - need of a more accessible location was found in the New Albany - Main Street area.

. Today – God has brought you here = to the corner of Thomas and Shelby.

.. Friendship BC is now at a juncture as a “pastor and a church” – today you are facing a new beginning.

. Consequently – this now raises two questions:

1. What is God’s Purpose for Friendship BC?

2. Where does Friendship BC go from here?

I. What is God’s Purpose for Friendship BC?

.. It is a Threefold Aspect:

. Worship

. Fellowship

. Discipleship

A. First Aspect:

It is to “Worship God” – John 4:23 – worship Him in Spirit & Truth.

1. Realize that you are a church (ekklesia) of Jesus Christ – Matthew 16:18.

. Not a political club

. Not a social club

. Are a local assembly brought together to bring glory to God

. Where – here at Thomas | Shelby – the Lord has called you here (cf. text-v. 10).

2. As a church (house of God) you are the pillar and the ground of the truth – 1 Timothy 3:15.

. Study to know the truth – Church at Berea searched the Scriptures daily – Acts 17:11.

. Stand firm for the truth – Church at Philadelphia was found to be strong in their service, diligent in upholding the word, and faithful to their Savior – Revelation 3:8.


Friendship BC – “Glorify God” whenever you gather together to Pray, to Preach, & to Praise His Son – The Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior!

B. Second Aspect:

It is to “Love One Another” – John 13:34-35 – by this all men will know you are my disciples.

.. Realize what it means to love – Gk. Agape = Unconditional – w/o a need to act.

. Members: Friendship BC

. Pray for one another – but especially for your pastor – Philippians 4:6 – be anxious for nothing but make all your prayer/supplications known to God.

. Listen to one another – no high/low status | no special standing – just “Bear one another’s burdens and … fulfill the law of Christ – Galatians 6:2.

. Forgive one another – Love covers a multitude of sins – James 5:19-20 | 1 Peter 4:8.

. Help one another – become a Barnabas – “Barnabas departed to Tarsus to seek Saul” – Acts 11:25.

. Pastor: John Knuckles

. Study – rightly dividing the word of truth – 2 Timothy 2:15.

. Stand – Preach the word in season | out of season – 2 Timothy 4:2.

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