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A. Church Planters (Spiritual Leaders) Desire to Be With Their Disciples (2:17-20)

1. Separation Brings Longing For Reunion (:17-18a)

a. the emotional state of separation described as being orphaned

b. the efforts directed towards reunion

haste, earnestness, great zeal involved

c. the emotional desire to return to them

2. Satan Brings Opposition to Discipleship (:18b)

3. Saints Bring Joy and Reward (:19-20) -- How imp. are they?

a. They are viewed as valuable

b. Their value will be fully appreciated at the return of the Lord Jesus

B. Church Planters Sacrifice Their Own Security To Encourage Their Disciples to Persevere (3:1-5)

1. The Sacrifice of Security

a. Overwhelming Concern Leads to Sacrifice

b. The Sacrifice Should be Valuable

c. Sacrificial Ministry Hurts

2. The Goal of Strengthening Disciples

3. The Need for Perseverance

a. The danger of persecution (:3-4)

b. The danger of temptation (:5)

Transition: Church planters encourage their disciples and the opposite is true as well

C. Church Planters Are Encouraged By Faithful Disciples

1. Three Ways a Disciple Can Encourage His Spiritual Leaders

a. Faith exhibited under pressure situations

b. Love in action toward others

c. A high regard for spiritual leaders

2. Why Church Planters Need Encouragement

a. Now we really live, if you stand firm in the Lord

b. Overflowing of joy and thanksgiving

c. Prayer for continued growth to maturity

D. Church Planters Continue to Pray for Their Disciples (3:9-13)

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