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Summary: Churchology 101 is the name chosen for a series of messages we will be studying for the next few weeks. These series of messages are not designed to deal with the intra-workings of the church, nor are they designed to discuss deep theology or deep doctri

Churchology 101 is the name chosen for a series of messages we will be studying for the next few weeks. These series of messages are not designed to deal with the intra-workings of the church, nor are they designed to discuss deep theology or deep doctrinal issues at it relates to the church. Rather these messages are designed to look at how the church plays a part in the lives of believers today. Welcome to Churchology 101 – The Basics.

The first question which beckons to be answered is this, ‘what exactly is the church?’ Well, I’ve since discovered, the best way to define what the church is is to get a grasp on what the church is not. With that I mind, we need to understand that the church is not a,

Business Organization

Although the church does conduct some business, it does not function as a secular business organization. There are no worries of take-overs; no issues of buy-outs; no actual stockholders to report to. The Chairman of the Board is in glory. The CEO sits right next to Him and the Chief Operating Officer abides wherever we are to make sure the churches needs are being met.

Fashion Affair

You can come with your best clothes on, but the head of the church is a very discriminating fellow. You see, he’s not one to comment on an individuals meticulous appearance on the outside, but rather he’s more concerned with one’s attitude and motive on the inside.

Health Clinic

Albeit known that the church is concerned with an individuals overall well being, it’s not a health clinic. However, it has been known to be a place where healings have been performed.

Heart Transplant Center

Throughout the ages, it has been known, that if you have a heavy heart; a broken heart or a burdened heart; you can receive a new heart here.

Mental institution

There are no drugs prescribed here. There are no straight jackets needed here. There are no resident hypnotists on duty here. However, the head of the church does possess the capability to regulate your mind.

Social Club

While the church is involved in social activities, while it’s involved in the social aspect of people’s lives, it is not a social club. Privileged exclusitivity does not apply here; because the CEO of the church has a “no respecter of persons” clause outlined in his bylaws.

Members Only Institution

Although membership does have its privileges, the benefits of the church are free to everyone. However, if its membership you seek, you can’t join your way in; you can’t nominate yourself in; you cannot be voted in; the only way you can get in is that you be “born again!”

These are just some of the things the church is not.

But again, ‘what exactly is the Church?’ The word church, in the original language, is the word – ekklesia. This is a compound Greek word where the first word, ek, means “out” and the second word, kalleo, means “to call.” So in essence, the word church in the New Testament simply means, “those whom have been called out”. It really denotes that the church is made up of God’s people (those who have been born again) which have been called out from the world; called out from sin, and called into service for Jesus Christ.

What’s interesting is that the word ekklesia never speaks of a building or of a stationary structure of any kind. Ekklesia paints the picture (or speaks) of an assembly or of a gathering of people for a specific purpose in mind. So for all intents and purposes, those of us whom are apart of the family of God by relationship, make up the body of the church by partnership.

And our purpose, outlined in scripture, for that of the church is for us to,

Evangelize through Outreach

Exalt through Worship

Encourage through Fellowship

Edify through Discipleship, and

Equip through Service

That is our purpose as the church. Anything else we do, or whatever else we find ourselves engaging in, is deemed out of line, out of place and out of order according to the Word of God.

Welcome again to Churchology 101 – The Basics.

Looking at our text at hand, there is one fundamental truth we want to point out to you this afternoon. There is one powerful lesson, in these few short words of Jesus that we want to lift up for your understanding. And it simply is,

I/. The Church belongs to the Savior by ownership

“…upon this rock I will build My church;”

There is something fundamentally wrong when we begin to think that this very assembly; one which gathers to worship week in and week out, belongs to us! That’ just wrong!

We may have signed papers for it; we may have organized meetings to start it; we are ultimately destined to provide support for it, but the fact still remains, we don’t own it! It’s not ours! The church belongs to the Lord. He bought and paid for it with His life and His blood. It’s not my church, it’s not your church, it’s not the apostle’s church, it is Jesus’ Church. And sometimes I think we lose sight of that fact.

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