Summary: The Circumstances of Life vs. Our Faith In life we often face challenges, obstacles, events, trials, tribulations, temptations and troubles, all of which brings with it confusion and confoundedness to our spiritual sense – our faith.

This is one of those studies that God gave me, for me, but it is also to share with everyone. Truly meant to bless all of us.

The Circumstances of Life vs. Our Faith

In life we often face challenges, obstacles, events, trials, tribulations, temptations and troubles, all of which brings with it confusion and confoundedness to our spiritual sense – our faith.

The understanding man gains of the world around him is perceived by his senses. All of man’s knowledge is natural, organic, which derives from our senses. By touch, we feel and discern things around us to be tangible. By seeing, we discern those things we perceive to be real. By taste and smell, the body reacts and formulates likes, dislikes and appetites.

Our sense of hearing is much nobler than our other base senses, in that, with hearing, we engage our mind to formulate thoughts, opinions, feelings, emotions. We distinguish in ourselves of what we heard to be true or not. Hearing brings reactions, you can hear a loud noise distances away, such as thunder and become afraid. We can hear a whisper and be set at ease. Hearing can bring comfort or fear, encouragement or discouragement, joy or sadness. We make judgments and choices by what we hear. Hearing brings a wide sphere of action.

Our basic five senses provide us with nothing that goes beyond the mere physical realm. Our senses furnish us with no information at all concerning the invisible world. But our wonderful wise Creator instilled in each of us, an innate ability to go beyond the basic five senses. He has appointed in each of us faith. Faith takes us where sense don’t go. Faith begins where our senses end. Senses are an evidence of things that are seen; of the visible, the material world. Faith, is the "evidence of things not seen;" of the invisible world. We all have this intangible, innate ability to have faith. Now, faith in God is quite different from just having the ability of faith. Each and every day, we all exhibit faith in the invisible world. It doesn’t make it faith in God. If you believe in germs, you have faith in the invisible, knowing you have never seen a germ with your naked eye, you believe what you were told. If you watch t.v., everyday, you turn it on believing in the invisible t.v., waves in the air being received by your receiver, knowing you have never seen a t.v., wave with your naked eye. We all believe in some form or another about something we have been taught and told, which we never witnessed, experienced, but were only told and taught. All of these things are but an expression of our innate ability to have faith in the invisible.

The Word of God tells us, not only is “faith the substance of things hoped for – But, the evidence of things unseen;” It also tells us, “through faith we understand or (???? noeó (naw-a'-o); meaning to perceive or realize. To apply mental effort needed to reach a "bottom-line" conclusions)), that the worlds were framed by what: the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear – faith! (Heb. 11:1-3).

Most people believe the world they live in, they see, touch, interact with in the visible, was created by God, who is invisible to us, but spoke things into existence. Now, here’s the thing, most people do believe there’s a God who created the earth and all it’s inhabitants, “the things visible”. They don’t no how, but do believe He did. You can ask almost anyone on the street and they will tell you they believe in God, and that God created the worlds as it tells us in the Bible. Yet, many, most, don’t believe in what He said – “that the worlds were framed by the word of God”! Did you get that?

What am I talking about? To truly believe in God, is to believe in His Word. Let me say it another way. To believe there is a God, or believe about God, thou does well, but the devil believes and trembles, my brother James tells us. But, to believe in God is to believe His Word. He tells us, that faith in Him brings us to the formulated conclusion that what He has spoken is true and evident – “by His Word have all things been framed and made that are evident and true.” So, by faith we are to take God at His word. When I was young, there was the phrase used, “Word is bond!” Meaning, you can take me at my word! Yet, how many of us live before God that His Word is bond!

To believe in God is to believe in what God said! However, if I choose not to believe the words I hear, to me but words, even if they are words spoken by God. In all instances, I choose whether to accept what I heard to be true or not, factual or nonfactual, believe it or not believe it. The choice is mine. I choose to believe or not believe what God has spoken. Heb. 4:2 tells us,

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