Summary: WHoi shall stand in God’s tabernacle? WHo shall dwell in His holy hill?

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Who shall stand in God’s tabernacle?

Who shall dwell in His Holy Hill?

I. The citizen of the Holy Hill must not...

A. Backbite with his tongue (v.3).

B. Do evil to his neighbor (v.3).

C. Take up a reproach against his neighbor (v.3).

D. Charge interest on a personal loan (usury) (v.5).

E. Pervert justice for monetary gain (v.5).

II. The citizen of the Holy Hill does...

A. Walk uprightly (v.2).

B. Work righteousness (v.2).

C. Speak truth in his heart (v.2).

D. See evil for what it is (v.4).

E. Give honor to those who fear God (v.4).

F. Keep his word, even if it causes him loss (v.4).


God’s promise : "He that doeth these things shall never be moved" (v.5).

Dr. D.R. Carpenter, Th.D.

Adjunct Professor, Freedom Bible College & Seminary

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