Summary: The church family has been in a battle of spiritual warfare since the day of its existance.

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Claim the Victory

Open in prayer

I. The church family has been in a spiritual battle of warfare from the very day of its existence.

A. The strong hold that Satan has on us must end today!

1. The only way it is going to end, is if we come together in agreement.

2. We must become the praying church that God ordained us to be.

B. Thess 5:17 “To pray without ceasing”

1. Paul is not telling us to pray 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We all now that we can’t do that.

2. But we can remain in the attitude of prayer.

3. If we want to have Victory over the torments of Satan, then we must pray.

a. The Victory and the Power is in PRAYER & obedience!

II. Read: Joshua 5:13 - 6:2

A. Jericho was sealed up tight. Noone entered and noone exited.

1. The people who lived on the outside of the walls had retreated inside for safety.

2. The walls of Jericho encompassed about seven acres of land.

B. The Captain of God’s mighty army stood before Joshua. He say’s Joshua your on HOLY GROUND remove your sandals.

1. Are you for us or against us?

a. Joshua was ready to honor or to fight, which ever was necessary.

2. He came with a message from God. Humble yourself and receive your message.

a. Joshua immediately gave honor, he took his sandals off, he fell to the ground on his knees.

C. God said, “See, I have given into thine hand Jericho....”

1. God didn’t say, I might give you Jericho, He didn’t say I will give you Jericho.

2. He said “I have GIVEN” you Jericho. IT IS ALREADY DONE!!

D. What did Joshua have to do to prepare for this battle?

1. There were no battering rams, no military preparation, etc.

2. All Joshua had to do was HONOR GOD. How did he do that?

III. Read: Joshua 6:3-5

A. The ARK of GOD carried by the priests around the city once a day for six straight days.

1. Seven priests Blowing the trumpets/rams horns leading the Ark around Jericho.

2. The ARK was the representation of God and the covenant God had made with His people Israel.

3. The trumpets were being blown to announce the presence of God.

4. Joshua followed God’s instructions to a “T”. He missed nothing!

B. On the seventh day the Ark of God was carried seven times around the city attended by the men of war in silence. The priests, all the while, blowing with trumpets of rams horns.

1. The first six days, the priests led the Ark while blowing the horns.

a. They walked around the city one time each day. All in complete silence other than the horns.

2. The seventh day, they walked around the city seven consecutive times.

a. All the while blowing the horns. But otherwise complete silence.

3. Gods instructions included:

a. waiting, walking, and NO talking.

b. It was a test of their obedience and trust.

IV. Read: Joshua 6:10

A. Joshua commanded the people: Do Not say a word, until the day I tell you to shout. Then shout!

1. The people were obedient. WE must be obedient.

2. Sometimes we must wait.

3. Sometimes we must listen.

4. Sometimes we must wait and listen.

5. Sometimes it is a test of our obedience and trust.

V. Read: Joshua 6:15-16


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