Summary: Abiding in His presence and hiding inside the shelter of His wings is the best place ever in this world today!

Luke 24:53”and were continually in the temple praising and blessing God. Amen.”

Abiding in His presence and hiding inside the shelter of His wings is the best place ever in this world today! I mean it. The moment you come out, you have the TV, internet, Facebook, gym, mobile, emails, huge gamut of friends, food and what not to snatch you away from Him. Don’t disregard this message, many have strayed away from God for frivolous reasons and then they beat their chests later on for having lost flavor in their life.

The above scripture set me thinking; now look, their Leader and Heart throb (He is my heart-throb anyway) has said cheerio and left for Heaven after blessing them; it was actually a sad, poignant moment of being left alone on earth; time for a sivaranjani tear jerker raga…. Until that point of time they had depended on Jesus for their living, shelter and their future and now He was gone after giving them heaps of advices and blessings. Instead of mopping around and mourning, the disciples after bidding farewell to their Master they returned to Jerusalem and were continually in the temple praising and blessing Him. Remember the hostility, opposition and danger that still prevailed in that city and yet, instead of running away, they returned to the lion’s den. Where the Master commands you to go there He would tarry with you as well! No finger can touch you! Glory to Jesus! Further, they continually stayed in the temple! Fellowship with believers, worship and church is your cocoon! Are you listening? Here is a teaching point for you and me! Listen!

When I was going through a crucial period of waiting for some important issues to be sorted out in my life, God pointed out this scripture to me and I praised God for the Word. I literally held the Bible and wept! The disciples having lost their spiritual Mentor and Savior drew strength from continually being in the temple! If you are going through intense pain and suffering due to loss of a loved one or loss of job or whatever may be the loss…………the best place to abide is being in a good prayer meeting, worship, church or if you can stay undistracted in His presence---do it!

A group of children from a particular church come to our school ranging from the age of 4 to 11 and these kids are a little bit different. Their church policy forbids them from wearing gold and many other things; however, all these things apart, the entire church gather everyday for worship. I was stunned! The parents would plead me to give their kids less home work because the entire family had to gather every day at 7 pm in their church; which they meticulously follow. These kids they fast every Saturday, right from the 4 year old and their testimony has touched the other kids in my school and they also now fast. How wonderful! Looking at the life of the kids, I was eager to meet the pastor of that church and when I met him I was shocked to see a young man, but anointed person who regularly fasts without food and water and remains in the presence of God a lot. Like leader so the followers! Stop looking at denominations and start attending a good church with a good pastor who preaches to you about all these things.

Cocoon! In His presence! I write this after staying in the ‘Cocoon’ right from Friday! On Saturday I wanted to check my mail, He nudged me to just stay in His presence. Okay, I obeyed. I write this Sunday evening, after a glorious service at church! What I receive I am able to impart only after I spend time with Him! All the money, pomp, car and jazz in the world is just noisy gongs and clanging cymbals if it lacks God! Boy, joy in His presence is inexplicable!

C’mon, you got to get close to Him! Chalk out plans to cancel other things and be with Him right away!

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