Summary: Code Blue: Means (Emergency) This is a word from God to somebody who is experiencing an emergency in your life.

Mk 5:25-34 Code Blue

Those two words may not mean anything to you, but if you happen to be in a hospital and hear those words, the whole atmosphere changes.

Nurses and Doctors go on high alert, and their pace quickens, Because somebody has an emergency, somebody’s life or lives are hanging in the balance and what those doctors and nurses do in the next few minutes will make the difference between life and death.

Code Blue:

Emergency: It means something has to be done quickly, (I pause here to say that procrastination is a killer). Procrastinate means: To put off, to let go, to be negligent

People die of heart attacks and strokes every day because they procrastinate.

Marriages die because husbands and wives procrastinate, ministries die because of procrastination.

At some point in your life everyone has a code blue situation.

In fact that’s why I’m preaching this message right now: somebody is in a Code Blue Emergency situation.

But I’ve got to stop right here: Before we talk about our emergencies as individuals, we must address the WARNING that is being sounded in the Spirit today.

Our nation is in trouble: The Holy Spirit is sounding a spiritual Code Blue, and anyone who is in tune with the Holy Spirit is putting the trumpet to their lips, and I cannot be silent.

I love America and everything that she stands for, but I do not love what is happening in our government and in our society. (They tell us that preachers aren’t suppose to be political, but this is not about being political, it’s about being biblical and I couldn’t call myself a true preacher of the gospel if I didn’t speak up and speak out against the sin and rebellion of this nation.

America as we have known her is almost completely a thing of the past. If our present leadership had their way there would be no prayer in any public place, no bible reading, no pledge of the allegiance, No united states flag in a public place, And no (In God we trust on our money).

and definately no ten commandment on display anywhere.

We can’t say Merry Christmas anymore, we have to say happy holidays, and we can’t have Christmas parades anymore, and we can’t call homosexuallity a sin because thats an attack on someones character and is seen as a hate crime.

Yeah I’m on my soap box again: My spirit is stirred, this nation is in critical condition and so many of our pulpits today are like nero (fiddeling while Rome burns)

You can criticize me and call me old fashioned, but the fact is: This present administration in this country, (this governmental hierarchy) and a large segment of the spiritual leaders of this country that are supposed to be giving us instructions and directions, have forsaken God, and we are on a downhill run, like a snowball going down hill, and the only thing that is going to turn it around is REVIVAL.

Thats the reason for the title of this message: America is in a Code Blue tonight.

Some of you listening to this message right now, I know you love God, but you’re experiencing your own personal Code Blue.

I’m not talking about just difficult, uncomfortable, or inconvenient, I’m talking about an emergency.

There’s something about an emergency that creates urgency; people behave differently in an emergency than any other time.

There are all kinds of emergencies:

There are medical emergencies such as car wrecks when peoples lives hang in the balance.

Then there are natural disasters; there are earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, they hit hard and fast with no warning and all of a sudden there’s destruction everywhere and it’s an emergency.

There are emergencies like those that happened in our country at the twin Towers in New York; where one minute everything was calm and quiet and the next minute it was a war zone, and thousands of lives were hanging by a thread.

There are emergencies in families, in marriages, where one wrong word or action can kill a father son relationship, a mother daughter relationship or a twenty year marriage.

Sometimes we have things in our lives that we think of as emergencies; that are really just inconveniences.

We think it’s an emergency when the Internet goes down.

We think it’s an emergency when it’s hot and the A/C quits.

We think it’s an emergency when we run out of Coke or Dr. Pepper.

We think it’s an emergency when we have a bad hair day, or break a nail.

But those aren’t really emergencies they’re just inconveniences.

They are not a matter of life and death.

But this woman in our text had more than an inconvenience, she had more than a bad hair day, her problem was bigger than no internet service, or a busted water line under her house.

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Randy Bataanon

commented on Oct 6, 2010

This is a powerful message! We need more preachers like this one today. May the Lord bless, protect and use you continually!

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