Summary: I love a chocolate and vanilla twist soft yogurt cone. Mixing flavors can bring about a beautiful and tasteful marriage experience. Yet, you do not mix gas and oil or saved and unsaved or one sect with another without peril.

I saw an article on interracial marriage and since race has been a big issue in recent days I figured I would say just a bit on this topic.

First of all, race as we use the term is really an evolutionary term and should not even be considered or used by believers. There are no races. There is but one race on a physical level and that is the human race. The human race has a variety of skin tones and has developed many sociological groups, but it is still one race. We do well to drop the notion of race from our concepts and work from a one race perspective.

Even our color assignments are in error as science has now shown we are all a shade of brown, There are no red and yellow, black and white that are precious in His sight, We are all brown and God is down with all of us as He loved all of us to send Christ.

Indeed, as people of faith, we know only eight people got off the Ark so we are all cousins. Some of us are just closer than others because of Babel and personal preferences.

On a spiritual level, there are two races. Those who by birth are offspring of Adam and those who by second birth are offspring of the second Adam, Jesus Christ. All men are my temporal brothers through Creation, but some are my eternal brothers through Christ.

That said, the only interracial marriage is between those only of Adam and those of the Second Adam. Skin tone variations or geographical points of origin are irrelevant. What counts is parentage and family ties.

A child of God is not to marry outside of their race. Our Father knows the heartbreak that an unequal yoke can bring and would spare us all of that. Warning, there are those who claim to be in the family are not. Be sure you ask Father to bless the marriage and approve of your choice lest your choice be the wrong one.

Indeed, just as widows were told they were to free to marry, but "only in the Lord" that is an injunction for all who are in the family of God. Do not practice evangelistic dating or hope for a conversion after you are married. You will be greatly disappointed and your life less than abundant, even miserable. I know we all know someone who is an exception, but the percentage rate of modicum success is very small. Not even a gambler would take those odds in Vegas.

However, if you were born into the family of God after you married then stay and pray for the conversion of your spouse. Read 1 Corinthians 7 to understand this exception.

Therefore, while I can bless a marriage between two Christians regardless of skin tone or origin I cannot encourage an interracial marriage between Christian and Non-Christian. It is also best to marry within your branch of the family as those differences can cause much friction and strife especially when children come along. Having been in many doctrinal discussions and seeing how intersect marriages fair, I can say that with some authority. Be wise and look for your spiritual well-being not just your emotions or eye candy. Maranatha!

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