Summary: The forth message in a series of messages on the Great Invitations of the Bible. This message deals with God’s Invitation to us to come and drink the living water and eat teh bread of life.

Sermon by: Dr. Todd Morris

Text: Isaiah 55:1-2

Title: Come and Be Satisfied (Great Invitations of the Bible)

Date: February 16, 2003

Introduction: If you look back at Isaiah 54 you will find that it is a chapter of preparation for a great invitation. It is a chapter of comfort and faith. In verse one of the chapter the down trodden are told to break forth in song. In verses 3-4 they are told to expect a greater blessing. In verses 11-17 they are told that the Lord will protect them.

Chapter 55 gives the life changing invitation that Chapter 54 prepares us for. Preparation is always a good idea before issuing a great invitation. It is always wise to prepare people that they are going to be invited to a great event. As we move into Chapter 55 of Isaiah we see the invitation that chapter 54 was preparing us for.

Lets look together at the invitation of Chapter 55.


A. Thirst is common to all.

1. We all understand this craving.

2. We become especially thirsty in dry times.

B. The Hebrew word used for thirst here is a word that has a deeper meaning. Dr. F. C. Jennings, the great Hebrew scholar, puts it this way, “The invitation is for all who are dissatisfied and deeply feel that they are missing a vital ingredient in their life.”

C. Many people make vain attempts to satisfy that need.

1. Some with money.

2. Some with possessions.

3. Some with prestige.

4. Some with alcohol.

5. Some with drugs.

6. Some with pleasures.

7. Some with illicit sex.

8. Some with social status or pride.

D. Our Lord invites us to come and drink from the living water.

E. He told the Samaritan woman, “If you drink of this water you will never thirst again.”

F. The Pulpit Commentary says that the water that is spoken of here in Isaiah is “divine grace.”


A. The term hunger alerts us to the need for nourishing food.

B. Spiritual hunger can only be satisfied with the bread of Life.

C. In Matthew 5:6 Jesus said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”

D. Human efforts to satisfy spiritual hunger always fail in the end.

E. Only Jesus can satisfy your inner hunger.


A. “Let your soul delight in fatness.”

B. People constantly search for satisfaction of the soul.

1. Spending money for that which is not bread.

2. Laboring for that which does not satisfy.

C. “Eat that which is good.”

1. The only satisfaction your soul will ever find is in coming to Christ by faith.

2. All other routes to satisfaction are counterfeit.

Conclusion: Christ has invited us all to a feast. There is living water to quench our thirst, bread of life to satisfy our hunger, and Spiritual food to satisfy your soul.

It is a free feast! Jesus has already paid the entire bill. Let all who hunger and thirst come to Him and be satisfied.

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