Summary: The need for the Church to develop a hunger for the presence of God to be able to carry out the mission of Christ in the world.

Scripture: Psalms 34:1 – 8

Title: “Come and Get It”

Introduction: David had been on the run many times during his life time. Each time he had discovered how wonderfully God had taken care of him. / In 1 Sam. 21 David was being chased by King Saul and He and his men sought refuge in the city of Nob which was a city of priests. David went into the Temple seeking something to eat.

• He found ONLY the ‘Show Bread’ which was to be eaten ONLY by the priests.

• No matter who came in HUNGRY this bread was ONLY for the priests!

• This was “Ceremonial Bread” / “Traditional Bread” / “Religious Bread!”

• No matter if someone was starving ONLY the priests were permitted to eat it!

MAIN POINT – “Hungry People Are Desperate People!”

1. David knew what he was asking for was not according to the LAW! / BUT David was HUNGRY & He was running for his LIFE! / He was “Desperate!”

2. David had run out of food & “Desperation” had SET IN!

3. 2 Kings 6 / Samaria had been under siege so long all their food was gone and they had become so “Desperate” they ate their own CHILDREN! (2 Kgs. 6:28)

4. ‘The Prodigal Son’ became so “Desperate” with ‘Hunger’ that he was about to eat the “Hog’s Food” BUT he came to himself! (Luke 15:16 – 17)

MAIN POINT – “What’s Happened To The Hunger Of The Church Today?”

1. Are WE “Hungry” for God? / (Empty Pews – Empty Altars – Empty Lives!)

2. Have WE lost our “Appetite” for the Lord in our Life?

3. If there’s NO HUNGER for God there has to be a ‘Definite’ REASON for it!

4. I’m not Hungry when: 1.) I’m SICK! 2.) SNACK – Between Meals! 3.) Too MUCH JUNK FOOD 4.) Not Eating for TOO LONG! – The Body will TURN in on itself! (Self-Destruct!)

5. There’s a very noticeable LACK of Conversions and Baptisms!

6. Indifference to the NEEDS of the NEEDY!

MAIN POINT – “God Is Raising Up A Hungry People!”

1. There’s a “CRY” rising from the ‘Starving’ masses of Christianity, “I Want To Be Fed!”

2. “I’m ‘Desperate’ and I will not ‘Sit Here Until I Die!’!

3. “As for me and My House, We will Serve the Lord!”

4. Those who are STANDING in the Way of the Hungry will be overrun and trampled in the dust of those who have become ‘Desperate’ for Food!

MAIN POINT – “Breaking The Rules!” – “I Want To Be Fed!”

1. We’ve been TOLD we CAN’T have God’s Power any more by the Captains of Traditionalism & Religious Leaders! / BUT I say, “False!”

2. I’m Hungry for MORE! / How ABOUT YOU?

3. The Law said, “This Bread is ONLY for the Priests” BUT David said, “I’m Starving to Death! & I’ve GOT to have SOMETHING to EAT!”

4. “The Religious Leaders said, “Even If you are STARVING to Death you can’t have this Bread.”

5. Even Jesus, when He was walking through the grain fields with His disciples began to break off the ears of grain and eating them on the Sabbath Day.

+ The Pharisees challenged Jesus on this BUT He reminded them of what David did by going into the Temple and eating the ‘Show Bread’ because he was HUNGRY!

6. I’m HUNGRY for MORE than just coming to church and having a “GOOD SERVICE” and then going home with an “EMPTY STOMACH” Spiritually!

7. I’ve GOT to have MORE than this! / How about you?

8. We’ve GOT to set Aside Traditionalism and RACE as fast as we can after the THINGS of God! / “HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?”

MAIN POINT – “There’s Bread In The House Today!”

1. Jesus is CONCERNED about HUNGRY people! / He never turned ONE Person away that came to Him hungry! / He ALWAYS gave them something to eat!

2. There’s THOUSANDS that go to BED Hungry every night, some right here in our town! / THOUSANDS die of HUNGER every day in our world.

3. Isn’t THIS what is HAPPENING “Right Here” in our Church Spiritually?

4. Let’s get REAL & HONEST about this situation! / Too many have become FINIKY Eaters! (My Cousin wouldn’t eat anything except peas & runny mashed potatoes!)

5. Jesus has sent the INVITATION and the Postman is standing at the Door knocking! / “Jesus has a table spread where the Saints of God are FED and He INVITES His Chosen People Come and Dine!”

MAIN POINT – “We’ve God To Get Desperate For God Again!”/ Praise God!

1. We’ve heard the stories of the great things of the PAST, but I NEED something GREAT TODAY! / Stories of the Old Timers like Shambach, Moody, even some of us have great Stories from OUR past! / BUT WHAT ABOUT NOW?

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