Summary: we all try to hide from God at time, how do we aviod it

Come out from hiding

Matt 26:30-35

1. Acknowledge God’s direction

A) Denying God- How we don’t by denying God’s leadership

B) Tells us to do something and we fail

C) Out of comfort zone

D) Doesn’t make sense

E) Failure

F) Gets in the way of our desires

1) Peter and other disciples said they wouldn’t deny Jesus—all did

2) If they did what makes you think when things get tough you won’t

Talk about 4 people in the Bible we won’t think would deny Jesus

1) Adam- everything- had it made- going fine and then want more- wanted to be like God

2) Elijah- came against 450 prophets of Baal- 1 Kings 18- Jezebel was going to kill him so he went and hid.

3) Jonah- God told Jonah to go tell wicked people they need to repent- not me I’m out of here

4) Peter- in our scripture today- Matt. 26:69- afraid what would happen to him.

They were all afraid

a) less then what he could be- Adam

b) He was going to be attacked- Elijah

c) He was going to be embarrassed

d) Someone would think less of hi and attack him.

Stop hiding and acknowledge God’s direction even when it cost you everything.

2. Notice God’s attention methods

a) walking in the garden- Adam

b) Why are you here- Elijah- show him- saw God

c) Storm- throw Jonah in the water- in fish three days

d) Peter- luke 22:61- Jesus looked at him

God lets things happen to get our attention

3. let God use you

a) God knows where you are- what you are doing- not let you sit confortable in your hiding place

b) Adam- used him to populate the earth

c) Elijah- great things- showed he was not alone in the fight

d) Jonah- saved others from God’s wrath- showed that He can save the most evil people

e) Peter- great leader- he was the rock- he can stand on his faith in Jesus

Think about this when Jesus was crucified the disciples ran away and hid

1. they all said you can count on us… many people have told you that and let you down.

2. before the dusk became dawn “all His disciples deserted Him and ran away-Mark 14:50 John, Andrew they ran. Bartholomew. James. Thaddeus they scooted. When the Romans appeared the followers disappeared in a blur of knees and elbows

Those mighty men who are today stained in glss in a thousand cathedrals, spent the night crawling beneath donkeys and hiding in haystacks. When the kitchen got hot, they got out.

But even more amazing is this when Christ rose from the dead he never brought it up. Hiding behind closed doors. Jesus came and said peace be with you.

Can’t run from the love of Christ.

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