Summary: This message is the introduction and chapter one of my book entitled, "How To Overcome Anxiety In Life: Understanding the Will of God Through the Word of God." Take a look now@

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Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. Proverbs 12:25

I have always warned ministers in training to be careful about what they preach. Often God authenticates your message by letting you experience the circumstances of the message you preach. As I was about to write this book on anxiety I begin to go through an anxious time. There are some decides that I have to make that is causing me anxiety. Some of the decisions that I have to make have to do with being middle age. Middle age is the time you enter that you have to worry about your parent and your child that the same time.

A new opportunity has presented itself but to take advantage of the new opportunity I have to let go of a good old opportunity. I have also had some health issues I had defeated but has made a comeback. With another health issue and being involved in the ministry, I have learned firsthand that anxiety weighs down the heart.

To be even more forth coming worry for me has been a sin that easily besets me. I can remember being worried as a child. My step-dad was a raging alcoholic and use to come home and take the cares of the world out on us. He was a huge man with the voice of a lion. He and my mother argued all the time. I was always worried about being kicked out of our home. I always worry about my mother coming home when she was gone. When a child grows up in an unstable family environment. That child will grow up struggling with anxiety and fear. The person will grow up physically but will still be an afraid child on the inside. Many grown children are afraid to take risks or challenges because of the anxiety sow in them as a child. Children can grow up with hearts that are weighed down. God wants to remove this weight from your heart.

Even if you had a stable home growing up you still could have issues with anxiety. Because you have come from such a safe environment it may be hard for you to take risks or challenges because you fear failure. Overcoming your fear will be key to a greater success in your life.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength.” God wants you to overcome anxiety in your life. For the Christian worry is a sin. When you worry, you say that God is not in control of your life. You cannot worry and have God’s strength at the same time. With God on your side, you are never to lose a night of sleep. In this book, you will discover the secret to worry free living.

Worry free living does not mean you will have no troubles in life. Worry free living means that the troubles in your life have no grip on your life. John Stott once said, “A Christian’s freedom from anxiety is not due to some guaranteed freedom from trouble, but to the folly of worry and especially to the confidence that God is our Father, that even permitted suffering is within the orbit of His care.”

God loves you not from the troubles in your life. God loves you through the trouble of your life. My prayer for you is that God will enable you to overcome the anxiety in your life. God through this book is sending you a kind word to cheer your heart.

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