6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Follow King David To The Cliff...A cliff proclaims excitement...A cliff exclaims possible danger...A cliff represents intangibles...A cliff is a place you can have vision before actually receiving promise.


Come with me to the edge of the cliff this morning

Just over there I can see the promise…I can feel it drawing me…I know its there…ready, waiting.

A cliff proclaims excitement

A cliff exclaims possible danger

A cliff represents intangibles

A cliff is a place you can have vision before actually receiving promise

There was a man in the Bible who stood at the edge of his destiny

He could walk up the spiritual cliff every day

He could even feel the anointing oil just like it had just ran down his face as the man of God proclaimed “I anoint you as King of Israel”

Come With Me To The Edge Of The Cliff

I Samuel 16:11-13

I Samuel 22

I. The Anointing Is Real – It Can’t Be Denied

A. The experience was real vs. – 16:13

B. The power is real vs. – 16:13

C. The promise is real vs. – 16:12b

II. The Enemy Is Focused – His Agenda Is Bigger Than Just Destroying Us

A. The enemy of your experience vs. 22:9-10

B. The enemy of God’s power vs. 22:17

C. The enemy of God’s promise vs. 22:23

III. The Cave Is Prepared – It Has A God Breathed Purpose

A. Prepared to cover vs. 22:2a

B. Prepared to strengthen vs. 22:2b

C. Prepared to proclaim vs. 22:23b

IV. The Kingdom Is Near – We Have An Advocate

A. Near to our side

B. Near to our soul

C. Near to our heart

IV. The Result Is Firm

A. Firm on earth

B. Firm in Heaven

C. Firm in Hell


Man can’t stop us

Hell can’t hold us back

Heaven is behind us

The Kingdom Of God is within us

The Devil knows it

God Proclaimed it

We possess it

They need to know it!

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