Summary: Jesus can bring dead things back to life!

Mesage Outline

Title: Resurrection

Subtitle: Coming Back from the Dead

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-8

Subject: Resurrection

Theme: God can raise the dead.

Proposition: Given the choice between death and life, God chooses life!

Main Points:

1) Coincidence is God’s Way of Showing Up (28:1-3)

2) New Life Is Deadly (28:4)

3) Only the Dead Live in Tombs (28:5-8)

Sub Points:

1) Coincidence is God’s Way of Showing Up

• Being in the right place at the right time is overrated.

• God doesn’t hide His presence from us.

• If God is shaking your world, then you better pay attention.

2) New Life Is Deadly

• When you are given new life, people around you can be scared and confused.

• Two spirits cannot exist in the same body, one must be removed (die).

3) Only the Dead Live in Tombs

• When you look for Jesus, you are going to encounter the unexpected.

• Jesus didn’t change the rules, He changed the outcome.

• The message of His resurrection was never meant to be contained.

• Confusion is natural when something changes your life.

• Be sure that you understand the urgency of new life.

Possible Illustrations:

• Jesus, the Final Days, N.T. Wright, pg. 100

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