Summary: Grace of God

Coming out of Lodebar

2 Samuel 9: 1-13

This is one of the greatest stories in the Old Testament concerning grace.

Never in this life will we fully comprehend nor understand the marvelous grace of God.

It is by the grace of God that we have been redeemed and forgiven.

We were all wretched, vile and polluted by our own sinfulness, yet God made a way for us to be cleansed from all our iniquities.

Here in our text King David asks a simple question; “Is there yet any that is left of the house of Saul, that I may show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”

I want you to keep this phrase in mind as we go along; “for Jonathan’s sake.”

If you go back into a little history you will recall that David and Saul had contention between them.

From the moment David gained victory over the giant Philistine Saul’s anger was against him.

Saul wanted David dead because he felt he was a threat to his kingship and power.

But now, Saul has passed from the scene. God’s Spirit had departed and he died a defeated General on the battlefield by taking his own life.

Now, David is the King.

It is worthy to note here that when a new king arose after conquering a kingdom he would destroy the remnant of the former king’s family in order to stabilize his throne.

But here in our text David asks, “Is there anyone in the house of Saul that remains, so I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”

Now, remember that Jonathan was the son of King Saul in whom David had formed a close friendship.

As a matter of fact they made a covenant of brotherhood and allegiance to each other.

Now Jonathan had fallen in battle. But David remembered the covenant he had made with him.

So for Jonathan’s sake, he wanted to show kindness to any of the house of Saul if there be anyone that had survived.

So David called for a former servant of King Saul, a man named Ziba; and he asks him, “Is there anyone of the house of Saul?”

Ziba, no doubt reluctantly answered, “Jonathan had a son which is lame on his feet.”

David asks, “Where is he?”

Ziba answers, “He is in the house of Machir the son of Ammiel in Lodebar.”

He had been hidden away in obscurity. A prince’s son, hidden away in exile!

He had been forgotten! His inheritance had been taken away.

Here was the grandson of the great King Saul, reduced to a fugitive, depending on others for his survival.

Mephibosheth was his name!

When he was only five years old, his caretaker ran with him to escape the advancing enemies. She accidentally dropped him causing injuries for the rest of his life.

Now, years later he is found in Lodebar!

Mephibosheth didn’t belong there! He was the son of a prince, the grandson of a king!

But circumstances beyond his control placed a destiny of uncertainty upon his life.

David said to the servant Ziba, “Bring him to me.”

Can you imagine what must have gone through Mephibosheth’s mind when he heard the words of Ziba?

“The king wants to see you.”

Mephibosheth thought no one of royalty knew where he was!

He thought no one really cared! Resigned to a life of poverty and exile, he had no hope!

But now, the king wanted to see him!

I think quite possibly that Mephibosheth feared the moment he would stand before the king.

What would he say? Will he speak harshly with me? Will he throw me in prison? Will he take my life?

The moment came when he was ushered into the king’s presence. Humbly and fearfully he presented himself.

But King David said, “Fear not, for I will show thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake.”

I’m calling you out of Lodebar, the land of exile!

I’m calling you out of Lodebar, the land of shame and bondage.

I’m going to give you the privilege of eating at my table; and I’m going to restore unto you your place at the table among the princes! Praise God!

The last verse of that chapter says, “So Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem for he did eat continually at the King’s table and was lame on both his feet.”

What a perfect example of God’s marvelous grace!

I think there is a great parallel here.

All of us were outside the grace and love of God. It was not because God didn’t love us, or that God’s grace wasn’t sufficient! But we had not come to the realization that God loved us. We had not understood God’s grace.

We were under the condemnation of sin, living in the land of bondage, not fully comprehending, that just a prayer away was God’s forgiveness and restoration.

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Lovemore Ngwira

commented on Oct 3, 2017

This is a wonderful sermon. Many of us dont realise we are in lodebar. Our financial and healthy problems are our lobedar. Hope to share this at a Bible study with fellow youths at church.

Dorothy Njoroge

commented on May 20, 2020

Yes we are. May God get me out of Lodebar. I have been there too long.

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