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Summary: We are to imitate Ruth's commitment to Naomi and God.

We will start a new study today of the Book of Ruth; please open your Bibles there….

We will read Ruth Chapter 1 today; but in preparation for Communion, we will focus on Ruth’s commitment. Next week we will go back to the plight of Jews and Naomi. As we will read, Naomi, an Israelite, ended up in Moab. Before reading out text, let’s note where Moab was (show map). The Moabites were pagan who went against the God of Israel!

Read along with me now Ruth Chapter 1………

And so we read, Ruth:

- was a Moabite (a Non-Jew)

- married a Jew

- became a widow

- lived with widowed Jewish mother-in-law Naomi

And we read in v6: Naomi decided to return to Israel

But we read in v8: Naomi told Ruth and Orpah to go back to Moab

After much convincing, we read in v14: Orpah decided to go back to Moab

Let us note that that was the logical thing to do for the Moabite women to go back to their family and not go to a foreign land with a faith they were not familiar with.

But we read at the end of v14b: Ruth clung to Naomi!

And let’s read again what Ruth said in v16-17……

Ruth made a commitment to be with Naomi! How deep was Ruth’s commitment to remain with Naomi?

- would go wherever Naomi went

- renounced being a Moabite and become an Israelite (your people to be my people)

- leave paganism and worship the True God (your God my God)

- willing to die, in the Name of the Lord

From v19, what was the result of Ruth’s commitment??

Naomi gave in to Ruth and took her to Israel.

But more importantly, based on what we can read in the Bible, what else resulted from Ruth’s commitment??

Ruth became King David’s great-grandmother!!

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came from the bloodline of Ruth!!

There are at least three Biblical Principles from this story of Ruth which we can apply to our lives.

1. A commitment like Ruth’s should be imitated!

How’s our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ?

- Will we go wherever He takes us?

- Will we renounce our sinful selves?

- Will our worship to Him alone?

- Will we be willing to die for the Name of Christ?

We need to ask ourselves this question everyday: How is my commitment to Jesus Christ?

Everyday, make a commitment to your commitment!

2. Note the great results of Ruth’s commitment.

Was Ruth born as one of God’s chosen People? Ruth was a Moabite, a pagan, a Non-Jew! But because of Ruth’s commitment not only did she become one of God’s Chosen but birthed a son who brought a son who brought the King of Israel, David, and through this same bloodline, the Savior and King of all kings, the Lord Jesus Christ was born!!!

No matter where we have been or what we’ve done, our commitment to Jesus Christ will lead to great results!!

And there is one more Biblical principle from the story of Ruth with Naomi? What was it??

3. A person’s life (Naomi’s) led Ruth to God!

What do people see through our lives today?

Let us quickly note that Orpah also witnessed Naomi’s godly life but she chose the logical thing rather than the godly thing!

Like Naomi, we are to do our part to be godly; decisions by people who are witnessing us are between them and God; we cannot force our belief on anyone but we must point them to the godly direction.

As we prepare our hearts for Communion, make a commitment and a recommitment to Jesus Christ as your only Savior and God! Take a moment to quietly pray and ponder about your commitment to Jesus Christ.

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