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Summary: let us listen to the words and statements of those who literally “left” everything to follow the Lord. Let’s listen to what John had to say about following our Savior.

Theme: Committed to Jesus (Pt.2)

Text: 1 John 2


A. Last Sunday we learned what it means to be committed to follow Jesus. Three would-be disciples of Jesus failed to exhibit a kind of commitment that He required from those who would follow Him. One was actually not willing to pay the price of following Jesus, the second man was busy with other thing and was not available, and the third man was divided in his attention. The three of them failed to understand the urgency and importance of following Christ. Following Jesus requires willingness to sacrifice, availability to serve, and undivided attention.

B. This morning let us continue to learn what it means to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ. And this time, let us listen to the words and statements of those who literally “left” everything to follow the Lord. Let’s listen to what John had to say about following our Savior. John is one of the twelve disciples whom Jesus personally called to follow Him. He enjoyed an intimate relationship with the Lord. He was among the inner circle of Jesus, and being the closest disciple of the Lord.

His three years of being with Jesus in His public ministry, hearing firsthand the teachings of the Lord, being an eyewitness of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and his involvement in the powerful ministry of the church after the resurrection, this disciple’s words deserve our attention when it comes to understanding what it means to be a committed follower of the Lord. If Peter and James became martyrs of faith, John continued to receive revelations from the Lord in his old age. He died faithful to the Lord. Therefore, he is the best person who could tell us better about commitment to Christ.

In this letter, John encouraged all believers to be:

I. Committed to the Person of Jesus (v.1-2)

One time, Jesus asked his disciples what did the people say about Him. They reply, “Some say you are John the Baptist; others say Elijah, and some say you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” Then He asked them again, “What about you? Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” These people were right about who Jesus was; and they were right on in the direction they were heading in life.

What is the Lord’s intention to ask them? Apparently, Jesus wanted to know what His disciples thought about Him. But more than that, He wanted them to commit themselves and make a verbal confession about what they believed of Him. It’s the same with us. We are called to be committed to and make a verbal confession of what we believe of Jesus –committed to the Person He is as He claimed to be.

Here John tells us about the Person and Office of Jesus especially with relation to our salvation. He said that Jesus is our advocate to the Father. Advocate is another term for Christ. It means that He is our only way in our approach to the Father. He is our only way through whom God the Father has forgiven us our sins. Actually, through this letter, John is simply reminding every true believer about what they know and believe of Jesus Christ because false prophets are coming out to try to deceive them. John calls these false antichrists. They would deny Jesus. They would say Jesus is nothing more than any ordinary human being. They would say salvation does not rest on His sacrifice at the cross alone; that we need to follow laws and regulations and do sacrifices to earn our way to heaven.

One day, Daniel Webster was dining with a company of literary men in Boston. During the dinner the conversation turned upon the subject of Christianity. Mr. Webster frankly stated his belief in the divinity of Christ and his dependence upon the atonement of the Savior. One man said to him, “Mr. Webster, can you comprehend how Christ could be both God and man? Mr. Webster promptly replied, “No, sir, I cannot comprehend it. If I could comprehend him, he would be no greater than myself. I feel that I need a superhuman Savior.”

May we not be able to comprehend everything about the Savior of our souls, but by faith we believe He is what He claimed to be. After all, Jesus is incomprehensible, incomparable. We are called to believe on Him not to comprehend everything about Him. It is said: “If you would try to understand God in all that He is, you would lose your mind. And if you would reject Who He is as He revealed it in His Word, you would lose your soul.” The only alternative approach to it that can retain your sound mind and save your soul is by accepting through faith what God says Who He is and commit your life to live in light of it.

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