Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Beginning in 2015 a theme of commitment for the new fiscal year. Commitment to God, church and Community. Power comes by the Holy spirit to carry out God's plan and purpose in our commitment.

Title: Theme for 2015 Commitment SDBC 9-28-14 A.M.

Subject: Who and What are you committed too?

Introduction: These past few Sundays the messages have been on our Walk, that is on the way we live our lives as Christians. There was the Walk in Christ, The walk worthy of our Vocation, a walk that is flourishing even in our old age, then there was walking as Christ walked and finally last week was regeneration and how we walk after being regenerated or born again.

Core: That being said several things came to me for a theme for the church in 2015. Unity was suggested, Purpose was considered while those sound great and would be a great theme, that is not what we came up with. With last year’s having been a theme of Renewal what better to follow it up with than Commitment. Last year was renewal and how we should have a renewal of Heart, a heart for God, Renewal of Soul a soul that belongs to God, Renewal of strength, Strength to walk for God. Now Commitment so what about Commitment, what do we commit ourselves too? Commitment to God first and foremost, Commitment to Church, because that is where we worship God and get closer to our commitment to Him and finally Commitment to Community, carrying out the Great Commission is Commitment to community.


I. Our verse for Commitment and for this message is Psalms 37:5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

A. In a month we will be concluding the Revival meeting time with Bro. David Williams

1. If we truly wish to see revival in this church and community we need commitment

2. Our Commitment to God should be First and foremost

3. This should be seen in the weeks leading up to the Revival

4. Our Commitment to this Church

5. Should show forth in our attendance

6. Our Commitment to Community

7. Should be showing forth in our bringing

8. The unchurched, and unsaved to services and thus fulfilling the command of the Great Commission.

B. Something else we need is the Power of God or should I say the presence of God in our services

1. We can’t generate that power

2. But with our commitment to God

3. With our seeking His will and way

4. We can have the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives

C. The thing that is needed most for a real revival to break out is Commitment

1. Not just a commitment for the set of Revival meetings

2. But real true commitment to being on Fire for God throughout 2015

3. Real Commitment to serving God

4. Real Commitment to the church and attending services

5. Real commitment to the community by reaching out and witnessing

6. Reaching folks and even volunteering in community events

7. People need to see our presence

8. Hear our words and see our Commitment, not just hear us talk about it

D. You hear less and less in churches today about commitment than you did say 20 or 30 years ago.

1. You see it less too

2. People are sporadic in attendance

3. Too many cares for the world require a commitment

4. People are Sporadic in giving to God

5. Finances are tight and that is for everyone

6. People are sporadic in witnessing and reaching others

7. That is apparent in many churches as growth has slowed down

8. People have ceased to be as committed to God as they have in the past.

II. Thus our theme Commitment

A. Commit thy way unto the Lord Psalms 35:7 tells us

1. Give it to Him to rule it

2. Let Him guide your path

3. Let Him be the light of your every step

4. That is commitment

B. We see many troubled souls in our world today

1. Psalms 35:1-11 gives the answers for a troubled soul

2. We have in them promised blessings to the righteous

3. But God can’t bless you if you aren’t committed to Him.

4. Verse 3 says 3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

5. See the promise, you will dwell in the land and be fed

6. God will take care of your needs when you trust in Him.

C. Commitment to God is having Him as our guide

1. We are to submit in every phase of our lives

2. Commit everything to Him

3. Our home, our finances

4. Our job, our church

5. Our community

6. Most of all our total being should be committed to Him

D. There is a great need for Commitment today

1. Commitment you need to understand brings with it responsibility

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