Summary: Keys to biblically communciating with our spouses

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Problems in a marriage arise from breakdown in communications or mutual respect, not from some flaw in the marriage.

The first thing that we need to learn that all types of serious communication need to start and end with prayer.

I believe one of the best and foremost keys to good communication in our marriages. Is for us to separately and jointly have a good prayer life in order to be communicating with God and doing this separately and together builds us as a couple.

To have or to build good communication skills we must do something that is so hard it is unbelievable difficult. Start at the basics.

My golf game is not the most perfect game in the world. When I start shanking the balls or better yet I am in the woods looking for the balls instead of the fairway. Then I have to go back to the basics, Head down, knees slightly bent, arms straight, feet shoulder width apart and eyes on the ball. Now ease back and follow thru.

Now the basics of communication are the same eyes open, ears open, heart and mind receptive and when you are the listener (which I am still struggling with) mouth shut.

The next few things I would like to discuss are talking, and listening and then I would like to share something God has given me to be a great tool in communicating.

On Friday last week I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. (I am ok now) When I got to the ER Diana was waiting for me but they said she had to wait in the waiting room until I saw the doctor. When I first got there the ER was busy and after the nurse got my vitals I sat there and sat there asking twice for my wife to come in with no avail. But my point is this as I sat there for almost 2 hours everyone walking by me NO ONE said a word to me, and then finally they let Diana come back. Does this sound familiar though? You are walking by each other 100 times a day and just not talking. One of you probably needs something but we figure that if they love us and are concerned enough that they will approach us first.

The first step to building good communication is to remember that our spouses are not mind readers. I don’t know if Diana needs something at any given moment because I may be wrapped up in something and she is in immediate need of attention and I miss it. Doesn’t mean I don’t love just means I can’t read her mind, as I know that she can’t read mine either.

When talking you need to be respectful in how you talk. Yelling and screaming should not be an option. In Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 vs.2 The word says DO NOT BE RASH WITH YOU MOUTH and ALSO IN PROVERBS 12:18 IT SAYS RECKLESS WORDS PIERCIE LIKE A SWORD, BUT THE TOUNGUE OF THE WISE BRINGS HEALING.

Use feeling words (Use list as an example). As we have all heard before feelings are not right or wrong, it is just that is how you feel.

Also when talking don’t drudge up the past it is unfair and does nothing to help in the current situation bring up something from 10 years ago. All it does is shut down the receiver because they feel they are being attacked.

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