Summary: Short message of what Communion should call to our minds.

Communion Sunday

Matt 26.20-30

Why do we observe Communion Sunday?

To remember. To remind us of what Christ went through on the cross to forgive our sins.

He did so willingly. READ—Isa 50.5-6; 52.14; Matt 26.67-68; 27.27-30; Isa 53.1-12.

We need to remember the suffering of Jesus. We need to visualize the agony of the cross. It needs to knock the breath out of us.

We need to be humbled by this sacrifice made on our behalf.

Too often Christians get complacent with what they do, what they accomplish and we need to be reminded that Jesus Paid it All and that ALL to Him we owe.

That is what communion needs to bring to mind.

Yet through the remembrance of all His agony, humiliation, suffering, and shame—Communion should bring us to remember something else about our Lord!

He is Risen and He is coming again.

How many of you remember the song—

I’ll Rise Again, Ain’t no power on earth can tie me down. I’ll Rise again, death can’t keep me in the ground.

He has gone to prepare a place for us! He said that “If I go, I will come again!”

He didn’t say, I may come again, or I’ll think about it, He said I WILL COME AGAIN!

Praise God—What Hope—What Promise—What Comfort we get from Communion with our Lord and Savior.

Let us Remember this morning the sacrifice of Calvary.

Let us Remember this morning the Agony of the Cross!

Let us Remember this morning the separation from the Father that He endured in our place!

Let us be reminded of the Hope!

Let us be reminded of the Promise!

Let us examine ourselves this morning to make sure that our relationship is right with Him!

Heads bowed and eyes closed.

In a prayerful attitude, I want to give each of you and opportunity to examine yourself and make things right with God as I read the 51st Psalm.

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