Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: To live in harmony we must watch we say to one another. The Lord is watching

I Peter 3:8-12

September 3, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

“Compassionate Conduct”


• How can we live in harmony with one another?

• How can we avoid saying the wrong things?

• How can we be on our best behavior?

I. LIVE IN HARMONY (vs. 8-9)

A. Be sympathetic

1. Love as brothers

2. Be compassionate

3. Be humble

B. Don’t count on revenge

1. Not evil for evil

2. Not insult for insult

3. But blessing for cursing

4. When you bless you inherit a blessing


A. Keep your tongue from evil

1. If you do this you will love life

2. If you do this you will see good days

3. If you do this you will keep your lips from deceitful speech

B. Turn from evil

1. You must do good

2. You must seek peace

3. You must pursue peace

III. LOOK OUT (vs. 12)

A. The Lord’s eyes are on the righteous

B. The Lord’s ears are attentive to the prayers of the righteous

C. The face of the Lord is against those who do evil

CONCLUSION: Those who live in harmony according to the Word, will learn to line up their tongue and look out because the Lord is watching them.

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