Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Evangelistic Sermon reworked from the Charles Spurgeon Classic

LUKE 14:23


* Whosoever Calls upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved

* for this Is a Faithful Saying and Worthy of All Acceptation, That Jesus Christ Came into the World to Save Sinners, of Whom I Am Chief.

* Whosoever Cometh unto Him, He Will in No Wise Cast Out, for He Is Able to Save unto the Uttermost Them That Come unto God by Him, Seeing He Ever Liveth to Make Intercession for Us.

- All That God Asks You, and this He Gives You, to Simply Look at His Bleeding Dying Son

- You Would Think That the Gospel Would Thus Be Received with Unanimous Consent

- Yet We Are So Depraved That the Invitation Is Rejected, and Many Remain Enemies of God

I. I must Find You out

A. Poor

B. Maimed

C. Halt

D. Blind

Ii. Compel You to Come in

-- Jesus Christ Hath Died

-- Believe on the Lord Jesus and You Shall Be Saved

-- You must Be Born Again

A. Command You to Come in

-- on the Authority of Him Who Said "Go Ye into All the World and Preach the Gospel to Every Creature

-- Reject and Remember, "He That Despised Moses’s Law Died Without Mercy under Two or Three Witnesses, of How Much Sorer Punishment, Suppose Ye, Shall He Be Thought Worthy, Who Hath Trodden under Foot the Son of God."

B. Encourage You to Flee to Christ

-- I Thought He Would Smite Me, but What a Loving Reception -- His Hand Was Not Clenched in Anger, but Opened Wide in Mercy.

C. Appeal to Your Own Self-interests

-- Would it Not Be Common Sense to Desire to Be God’s Friend Rather than His Enemy

D. I Plead with You

-- You Are Rejecting Christ, Your Only Savior

** No Other Foundation Can Any Man Lay

** There Is No Other Name Given among Men Whereby We must Be Saved

-- I Remember What You Are Forgetting: the Day Is Coming When You Will Want a Savior

-- it Is a Hard Thing to Die Without Christ

** as Though God Did Beseech You by Us, We Pray You in Christ’s Stead, Be Ye Reconciled to God

E. Threaten You

-- God Will Summons You, Read Your Sins, and Cry, "Depart Ye Cursed into Everlasting Fire in Hell"

-- I Cannot Let You Reject or Delay

--financial Advisor--bankruptcy

--farmer--harvest or Starve




--carpenter--house Fall

-- There Will Be One Sermon You Hear That Will Be Your Last

-- You Imagine Life Is Long, but Have You Ever Tried to Think of How Frail You Are -- "Strange a Harp of a Thousand Strings, Should Keep in Tune So Long"

-- Let One Cord Be Twisted, One Mouthful of Food Go down in the Wrong Direction

-- Is Your Blood Circulating with All Accuracy, Are All of Your Cells Free of Cancer, Aids or the next Deadly Epidemic?

F. What Is it That Keeps You from Jesus?

-- Chief of Sinners -- "The Sicker a Man Is the More Needful the Physician

-- Not a Convenient Time

-- When Will Be? Tomorrow? Death?

** Today If You Will Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Hearts as in the Provocation

** Come Now and Let Us Reason Together

** Choose You this Day Whom You Will Serve

-- I Have Only this Day to Plead with You

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