Summary: Some folks are ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ to tell of his goodness and what he has done for them


ACTS 4:18-20

We live in a society where people are compelled to tell what they have seen and heard. Even if they are paid to keep silent, there come a time when they will tell. One interesting thing learned over the years as I began to mature in my ministry is that if something good happen to me, folks who don’t like you don’t want to hear it, but when something bad happens, it is almost an immediate must that they tell it. Evil people strive on your mistakes and mishaps. They will play down the good things and raise up the bad things.

Some folks are ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ to tell of his goodness and what he has done for them. If we were to take an inventory and count our many blessings that the Lord has blessed us with, I don’t know about you, I will be compelled to tell somebody about it. Even the bad things that we do in this life, Christ compels us to tell it because in his word, he said, in order to be saved, you must confess with your mouth and thou shall be saved.

We are required and inspired to let mankind know that Jesus is real. Well, if they ask you, why he is real? You don’t have to have a former education to witness and tell somebody about the realness of Jesus.

Matthew said when there was confusion all around me, he made me a peacemaker, for blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Mark said, he made sick folks well.

Luke said, he is a great physician.

John said, he’s my fountain that never runs dry.

If he woke you up this morning, then I know he is real.

If he saved me from my sins, he’s real.

If he healed my sickness and my unbarring condition, he’s real.

If he gave you what you got, he’s real.

If the Lord brought you out of the mess you were in, he’s real.

Every now and then we are compelled to tell somebody about Jesus.

The designated scripture teaches us about how Peter and John, who had been with Jesus, had recently completed a healing, were being asked to remain silent about the event because they were given the honor to the power of Jesus Christ. The scripture says: Acts 4:18, "and they called them and commanded them not to speak at all, nor teach in the name of Jesus." But thanks be to God, they were compelled by the Holy Spirit to tell. The lesson is, we cannot let God bless us, and not share the knowledge of His goodness. We must speak out that God may be glorified.

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