Summary: Belief in Jesus Christ must be a complete commitment to the totality of Jesus Christ!

Before we read our passage this morning, let us note the major truths about life. We really should always keep these basic truths in mind. What is the most important truth about life??

1. God created life (people)!

What are the next major truths about people and God??

2. People disobey their Creator God.

3. God loves (desires the best) for people!

And because God loves people,

4. God provides a way to return to Him.

The Bible of course is the source for truth: In the beginning God; God created everything including people; People constantly sins; God’s love perseveres and chose a people to reveal His love.

Take a quick look with me Deutoronomy 7:6-11….

And so, with these truths in mind, let us learn from 1 Samuel 12 and apply Biblical Principles for our lives today. 1 Samuel 12….

v1-5: Samuel….

- was a concerned leader for Israel

- desired to pass on leadership to sons

- accountable

v6-9: Samuel reminds Israel of what God had done for them.

v10-11: Samuel reminded the people how God responded positively to their humility!

But then, take a look again at v12…..

What did Israel do? God chose them to be His people and provided for them, yet they chose to be under a human king like the rest of the world.

v12: Israel neglected God as their “king”. Let me just interject here briefly how supposed Christians today claim Jesus Christ as Savior but claim other lords in their lives. God is not to be believed just in pieces! Belief in God must be a complete commitment to the totality of God! Belief in Jesus Christ must be a complete commitment to the totality of Jesus Christ! Many today states that all you have to do is believe; but when you say you believe in Jesus Christ, do you just believe in him a Savior or are you fully committed to His Lordship, and so we listen and we follow Him!

But God is a patient and loving God and so we read in v14-15 God’s warnings and instructions; to basically return to God, to repent no matter what.

And what can we note from v16-18? Samuel and God were real and powerful!

And so we note in v19-25: God’s instructions for living:

v19 – pray for God’s servants

v20 & 24 – in spite of sinfulness, always go to God and serve Him

v21 – do not worship idols

v22 – always grasp God’s love and faithfulness

v23 – God will provide leaders and teachers (shepherds)

v25 – say no to sin!

What Biblical principles can we apply to our lives today? We can note from 1 Peter 2 that Christians today are God’s new chosen people! We are to learn from the people of Israel in the Old Testament

1. Christians today need good godly leaders like Samuel! A couple of things to note here:

a. God will provide leaders!

b. Called Leaders are to be accountable and humble.

c. Continually pray for leaders.

2. We must always remind ourselves of what God has done for us!

Note at least 3-5 Great Things God has done for you: we’ll come back to this later..

3. Humble yourself before your Creator, Savior God! Do this as often as you can because it is reality! Everyday, take moments to ponder about your Creator God.

4. Look for God wherever you go!

5. Look for opportunities to serve God!

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