Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Children use rainbow as illustration that all are needed for God’s work.

Title: “Complete Rainbow”

1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Prior to Service:

• Cut construction paper into 2” x 11” strips

• Papers should have six (6) different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet (or whatever colors you have available)

• Divide strips into multiples of six- with extra strips of non-listed color available as needed

• Supply markers for children


Question: How many of you have ever seen a rainbow?

Question: When do you usually see a rainbow?

Question: Has anyone ever seen a rainbow on a clear day?

Question: What is the most unusual rainbow you have ever seen?

Today you are going to be the rainbow. You are going to be given a color of the rainbow and it is your job to form a rainbow with the other colors of the rainbow.

ACTIVITY: “Rainbow Specials”

• In the likely event that the children do not equal multiples of six

o Prepare extra set of strips of another color available or

o Have leaders assume places of missing children if necessary

• On the “GO” signal children must group themselves into groups of six- some rainbows may have as many as seven (7)

• No colors can be duplicated in the rainbow

• Pause Activity after children have divided themselves up into their “rainbow” groups

• Give command for teams to “Form Rainbow”

• Children by teams will form rainbow whereby strips of rainbow are lined up one on top of the others- (2 children could lay on floor holding strips on top of each other, next 2 children could kneel holding their strips on top of bottom 2 strips, last 2 children could stand and hold their strips on top of the others.

• Congratulate first team to successfully form a rainbow

Have children return to their seats with their “rainbow” strip

On a wall or board place extra set of “rainbow” strips in order to form rainbow.

Question: Does it take all these colors to make a rainbow?

Question: Which color is not necessary to make a rainbow?

If any color is mentioned by the children remove that strip from the rainbow.

Question: Have you ever seen a rainbow with a missing “bow”?

It takes every color to form a rainbow. This is similar to what the Scripture tells us today about something else that has to have all the parts.

Share 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 with the children.

Question: Is the Scripture referring to a rainbow?

Question: Is the Scripture referring to followers of Christ?

God made each of us unlike anyone else in the world. We may have similarities with others (brothers or sisters can favor their siblings or their parents- but even twins are different in some way.)

In order to do all the God would have us to do for Him we have to do our part. Just as all our body parts must work together to do what we need to do so do we as followers of Christ.


Take your “rainbow” strip and on one side write the thing that you feel you can use for God’s work.

Ask for a few of the children to share their “rainbow” strip with the group.

No matter what you have been equipped to do no one can do all things. We must work with others to finish the task God has for us. Will you use whatever God has given you and watch for the time that you and a friend can do more for God’s Kingdom.

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