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Summary: The tabernacle/temple is God’s model for developing an understanding of the Christian.

The Conceptual Value of the Tabernacle for Psychology or Counseling


The conceptual value of the tabernacle for psychology or counseling is essential and of great value for developing a biblical body of psychological knowledge for the purpose of psychological studies, counseling, teaching, and daily living.

The thesis of this paper is to establish the conceptual value of the tabernacle in psychology or counseling in light of the NT teachings of an individual anthropology. The tabernacle is the model for developing a psychology of the ontology of the individual based on the trichotomous structure of the tabernacle in light of the trichotomous creation of man in Genesis 1:26 and 2:7. This creation was based upon the trichotomous being of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This intimacy of the divine/human is revealed by the combination of the gold/wood in the furnishings.

In counseling the ministry within the tabernacle, the furnishings, sacrifices, offerings, law, the priest, and the high priest become models for developing an understanding how to analyze personal problems, maintain a stable inner person, and how to come into the presence of the Lord to hear from Him.

The presuppositions behind this thesis is that the Bible is the word of God. That God is the designer and creator of man, and that only God knows the design of man and that He has revealed that body of knowledge in His written word. This paper presupposes that God will instruct His child using His written word.

The methodology used for establishing this thesis will be the study of four areas which lay a foundation for developing psychological and theological understanding; and ten biblical ontological studies in brief form from which a biblical psychology of the believer can be developed, which are based upon the tabernacle/temple/house of the OT and found in the tabernacle/temple/house imagery in the NT in explanation of the Christian life, and used in counseling, teaching, and daily living.

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