Summary: Confession, Supplication, Restoration

Confession, Supplication, Remission, Submission, Restoration

1) Confession (1-6)

a. Cry

i. Three Words to denote the act

1. Transgression – Crossing the Limit

2. Iniquity – Crookedness of the act

3. Sin – Missing the standard of God

ii. Three usages for forgiveness

1. Blot Out – No way to pay; take out from the ledger

2. Wash Thoroughly – Any stain that can be visible

3. Cleanse – Connected to leprosy (cleaning inside out)

b. Sin Consciousness – Makes a Christian different

c. Presence of Sin – Internal transformation reflects on the outside act

2) Supplication (7-9)

a. Complete Sanctification (7) - Purge

b. Complete Restoration

3) Remission (10-13)

a. Stable spirit – Give Me (10)

b. Holy Spirit – Do Not Take Away from Me (11)

c. Willing Spirit – Sustain Me (12)

4) Submission (14-17)

a. Sing of your Righteousness (14)

b. Declare your Praise (15)

c. Dedicate the Heart (16-17)

5) Restoration (18-19)

a. Only a restored leadership can plan on the restoration of the people and the kingdom

b. Self-treatment first and then others

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