Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When we have a crisis in our life, we must learn to trust that Jesus is our answer.

Intro. Today we come to the second miracle Jesus performed. The only place this miracle is recorded in the Scriptures, is in our text. It is also the second Miracle in Galilee. After Jesus turned the water to wine, his popularity grew. Skepticism immediately began to grow. Jesus had encountered the woman at the well, and now moves back northward to Cana.

I. The Call for Relief - vs. 46-47

A. The Distance- They were a little more than 20 miles away. This nobleman would have had transportation, being of the royal family. He heard Jesus was in Galilee, and went to him.

B. The Disease- Fever - All hope apparently gone

1. The Extent of the Sickness - sick, at the point of death.

It appeared that DEATH was ready to take his prey! This man was one of means, so it is a good assumption with his seeking of Jesus that:

- Physicians had not helped

- Prescriptions had not helped.

All hope was gone, but he had somehow heard of Jesus.

2. The Experience of the Sickness - more than one were in trouble!

- the boy - the father - both had a need!

C. The Desire - This was a persistent request - he besought the Lord, begged to return with him to Capernaum. The storm was real to this man.

1. His affluence had not kept him from it.

2. His authority had not kept him from it.

3. His affiliations gave him no answers! So he came to the Master.

II. The Challenge to the Request - vs. 47 - 48

A. The Lord Confronted His Method - The Nobleman approached out of pressure, not faith. And there are two deficiencies with his initial approach:

1. He assumed Distance was a problem - Lord, you must come with me.

2. He assumed Death was a problem - if you do not go, my son will die.

He did not realize that these obstacles were not an issue for God!

B. The Lord Chose to Minister to the Nobleman - Jesus gave a mild rebuke to minister to this man! He would not only minister to the son.

1. He Exposed His Unbelief - "except ye see" - Jesus knew his need, but He also knew his heart! It is a lame faith that demands signs and wonders! There were two deficiencies in the man’s faith.

2. He Encouraged His Faith - "ye will not believe" - He identified the man’s faith as being conditional! This type of faith is of no value!

Jesus puts aside the apparent urgency to deal with a GREATER PROBLEM! Though the man’s son was dying, Jesus, in grace, ministered to the man’s faith first! In the midst of your trouble, you are seeking for God to answer your prayer, but never forget that in the midst of your storm, Jesus can minister to you!

III. The Cry for a Remedy - Vs. 49 The call for action, now changes to a cry for relief! At this point, hopelessness sets in as you hear a tear in the cry of the father.

A. The Asking of Determination -though corrected, he still asked.

B. The Asking of Desperation - It was no longer about his plan, but his only chance at hope!

IV. The Command of Revelation - vs. 50 In this second miracle, we see Christ prove His deity.

A. He Revealed His Omniscience by His Words - "Go thy way" He knew all!

Jesus declared the action he must make by faith! - Job 23:10 "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."

1. Jesus knew the Sickness of the Child.

2. He knew the Seeking of the Nobleman.

3. He knew the Solution for the Circumstances.

B. He Revealed His Omnipresence by His Wisdom - thy son liveth!

1. He could SEE it!

2. He could CONFIRM it!

Jesus had the ability to be where the boy was and know his condition.

C. He Revealed His Omnipotence by His Work

V. The Confidence that Rested - vs. 51-54 The nobleman no longer demanded Jesus perform on his terms - and now - Genuine faith acted. He spent the night away from home!

A. He made the Choice to Continue - He went his way!

B. He found the Comfort of the News - your son is alive!

C. The Confirmation of the Miracle - the same hour YESTERDAY.

The man spent the night away from home! He rested in the promise of Christ.

Concl. You see, the answer to have confidence in your crisis is to approach Christ on His terms and Rest in the fact that He is God!

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