Summary: As Daniel faced his dilemma would he have confidence in what God was going to reveal?

Confidence in God’s Revelation Sept 13, 2002

Daniel 2:1-49

Last week: Confidence in God’s Righteousness: We saw together how Daniel never threw away his confidence in God doing the right thing, even though he was an exile, undergoing dramatic change, he continued to have confidence in God. We know it was for a period of at least 70 years. This week the story of Daniel continues it is probably about four years later and we find him in yet another life crisis.

Will this crisis turn into a disaster or will Daniel turn it into an opportunity for faith? As we study together this morning let us see if we can relate. You and I will encounter difficult and different circumstance that have the potential to change life, as we know it. Will these circumstances be the factor that causes us to lose our confidence in God or will it be an opportunity for us to continue to have confidence? Confidence is so important as we go about our daily lives, both in our relationship to God and our relationships to others.

These life-changing circumstances are not unique to these Old Testament Bible characters, but let us take a look at 2Cor. 2:8-10; does it appear that Paul has lost his confidence in God? There can be several different areas where we can lose our confidence in God. One was last week do we have confidence that God will always do the right thing? This week can we have confidence in God’s Revelation? What he reveals to us through his word? Will He keep His word to us? Will He give us a word that we can put into a situation and we know we are doing the right thing?

As we will see this was what Daniel was up against. He had a situation on his hand that was going to affect his physical life. What will he do? When he goes to God will he have enough confidence in God that he will walk in what God reveals to him? That is the question for Daniel and for us as well. When we go to God and he reveals to us his direction, and it does not appear to us sensible, will we have confidence in God to respond and put this word into our situation?

Let’s see Daniel’s response.

1. Daniel’s Dilemma 2:1-13

a. A disturbed king; 1-3; this was the most powerful man of his time; he is disturbed by what he dreamed; he wants answers and he wants them now; (have you got one of these ‘disturbed kings’ in your life’s arena). It is interesting the way we deal with our ‘disturbed kings’. It will be interesting to see how these ‘wise men’ handle this dilemma.

b. A difficult and impossible challenge; verse 2; ‘to tell the king his dreams; verse 5; the command from me is firm; I am not changing my mind; you will do what I say, I am not moving; verse 6-9; if you don’t’ do this it will mean your life; now you tell me if this is a difficult and impossible challenge; how do they respond?

c. A decision that is true; v10-11; there is not a man on earth that can meet this challenge; there is no human that can resolve this dilemma. And if this is not resolved:

d. The destiny for not meting the challenge; v12-13; Remember Daniel is one of these people; he was not old enough to be in on this scene. He is in this dilemma with all of the other ‘wise men’ etc. So what is next? They have on their hand, a disturbed king, a difficult and impossible challenge, a decision that is true, and a destiny that will end in death. Put us in the story what would you do? How would you respond? How have you responded? With confidence in God or with panic and dismay?

2. Daniel’s Decision 2:14-24;

a. He did not panic; 14-16; he did not get angry and try to get even; he used discretion and discernment; an attitude not of defeat or fighting back or trying to get even for being put in this position; He acted instead of reacting;

b. He prayed; v17-19 he is seeking God, why, because he has confidence in God. If God cannot resolve this it can’t be resolved, and he with faith and confidence is going to give God a chance. And what does God do? He comes through v19; How many of us pray really giving God a chance? Do we pray thinking this has gone too far, it is beyond the scope of fixing? Why seek God if you don’t have confidence in Him? Don’t waste your time or pretend, just go ahead and let the disturbed king have his way. (The enemy). He wants to destroy you, and while he picks up on something that he thinks will work, why don’t you put him to shame by seeking God earnestly?

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