Summary: confusion--doubts--discouraged

Conquering Confusion 1 John 2:3-11 (read).

As we continue our RISING ABOVE THE WORLD SERIES from 1st ,2nd ,& 3rd John we come to this passage today they gives us some key ingredients from moving from a hope so, think so, maybe so salvation and into a know so salvation.

This is the John the beloved who wrote a key passage in the gospel of John in chapter 20:30-31. Where he had explained many of the miracles, acts, and teachings of Jesus. He said, many things that Jesus did are not written down. Then he said, the primary purpose for the book was for people to read it and know that Jesus is in fact the Son of God & the Savior of the world.

So we don't know everything that Jesus did, but we know enough to believe that he is the Savior of the world and that he wants to be your Savior if you let him.

Many people have never made that decision and they know it.

Some people have made that decision and they know it.

But some people have made that decision but are not sure if there saved.

I've heard some folks say that if you're truly saved you will never doubt it. But folks that's just simply not true. Because, saved, born-again, blood washed Christians can sometimes have doubts. Now doubts are in the battlefield of the mind! And Satan wants God's people confused with their experience they had with Christ. When a person gets saved by Jesus Christ the devil can no longer hope to capture your soul. But he will do everything that he can to confuse your mind.

So we need to understand today that there are people that are saved who have honest, nagging doubts that they are troubled by on occasion.

Remember JTB? One day standing by the river, saw Jesus walking and pointed and said, behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world.

He knew Christ! Later on in the gospel of Matthew. Deserted--awaiting death sentence in jail, 2 disciples come.

He asked favor. I have something bothering me. Will you go asked Jesus if he's the one, or should I be looking for another.

Folks, there's a man who's doubting! Jesus never said he wasn't saved, never gave him hard time because of doubts.

Instead he sent back words of encouragement and comfort through those two disciples.

And if you're having doubts about your relationship with Jesus you will have an opportunity to get it all figured out today at the end of this service.

Let me tell you what happens when you doubt your salvation and why it's so important to your Christian life that you get this nailed down. #1. It hinders you. Hinder= behind. Can’t go forward do to unsettled past. Spend whole life looking in rearview mirror.

#2. It frustrates you. Constantly bombarded by unsettled issues. Walk/pray thousand times to be saved because scared of hell and wanted to go to heaven. But still not sure about your relationship w/Jesus. Some folks doubt because they are neurotic and scrutinize everything. Recheck things over—over.

They wonder did I say the right prayer? Was it for the right reasons? Am I sincere? Have I waited too long? Can anyone identify?

And if that doesn't rock your boat enough you have people that say if you can't remember the time/date/place/outfit/which way the wind was blowing /and what you had for breakfast then you truly never got saved. More messed up than before.

#3. It locks you up spiritually. No growth because you keep circling back to the first thing.

You keep re-laying a foundation you never build on.

If you do not get salvation nailed down you'll be frustrated forever and never be able to put up the framework of Christian character and work out your walk in every day practical life.

Your Christian life be a big chunk of concrete with no walls built on it.

If you have doubts, hope so, thinks so, maybe so salvation, and you want to have a know so salvation

I'm going to show you three things today from the word of God how you can know with absolute certainty that you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

You need to ask yourself these three questions.

#1. And I Obeying God's Word? V3-5.

There is a problem with trying to live today by constantly going back trying to recall something that happened 10/20/30 yrs. ago. It robs you from being alert to what's happening today.

Illustration. Birth certificates. I ask Terri to get it because I need to know the information on it. I say I need to know the Time—date—place—weight—looks--blood type--parents.

(She asked me why?). I say because I'm not sure if him alive and if I get my hands on that birth certificate then I will have some assurance I'm alive.

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