Summary: Fear stops us dead in our tracks! Fear prevents us from receiving all God has for us and walking the path He has prepared for us. Get this message from Gideon and overcome your fears!

Conquering the Giants

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April 08, 2012

Michael Wiley

Easter ---


It's dark out, and you're home alone. You’re wrapped up in a warm blanket reading your favorite book. You see it and hear it at the same time: The front door suddenly moves.

Your breathing speeds up--your heart races--Your muscles tighten.

A split second later, you realize it's the wind. No one is trying to get into your home.

For a split second, you were so afraid that you reacted as if your life were in danger; your body had automatically initiated the fight-or-flight response that is critical to survival. But really, there was no danger at all. What happened to cause such an intense reaction? What exactly is fear?

Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things, also known as the fight-or-flight response.

The Fear I just described is healthy fear. It is part of how God made us so we can survive.

BUT, what about the fear that controls our life and actions that is unfounded and unrealistic.

The kind of fear the Apostles had when Jesus was arrested and crucified

Listen! You and I would think, even hope that in our darkest hour. Our time of greatest need, our best and closest friends would be there for us. I mean, if you can’t trust your best friends to be there – who can you trust.

From, the moment on Thursday when Jesus is taken into custody, the Disciples fall into fear and cut-and-run.

Peter followed, but only at a distance, and when questioned denied he even knew Jesus, nit once but three times.

He is taken to the High Priest and before the Sanhedrin, which was the Religious courtroom. There He is beaten and abused. The Disciples are not there.

He is then turned over to Pilate the Roman Governor who questions Him. The Disciples are not there.

Pilot turns Him over the Herod Antipas who questions Him. The Disciples are not there.

Herod turns him back over the Pilot who still finds no fault in Him, but washes his hands of the situation and allows the Jews to decide His fate. The verdict? Crucify Him! His Disciples are not there.

He is then taken to Golgotha (the Hill of the skull). Here the gospel writers do mention that Mary, Mary Madeleine and John, are watching at a distance.

Jesus dies and Joseph of Aramathia a silent Disciple and Nicodemus, a man whom never put his faith in Christ buried Him. Where were Jesus’ closest comrades—His beloved Apostles?

They were not there! WHY? FEAR!

BUT, praise the Lord that Jesus’ work is not hampered by the Apostle’s fear. He came to this earth foe one primary reason—to offer Himself as a sacrifice for you and for me and today we celebrate the day over two thousand years ago when He defeated death and walked from His grave!

He arose! He lives!


Here’s the message:

The same power that brought Christ from His grave can help you overcome you fears!

Christ’s work is not hampered by our fears, but our fears hamper us from being all He has called us to be!

We kick off a new series today called “Conquering the Giants” I’ve realized this: You can’t conquer what you won’t confront! So, today we want to talk about the fear in our lives that controls us.

I’m not talking about healthy fear. Fear that comes up when you are in true danger. I’m talking about the unhealthy fear that controls us when it shouldn’t – fear that us unsubstantiated – fear that stands up against us like an angry giant and prevents us from moving forward when we should.

The fear you ca explain this way:

False Evidence Appearing Real, And, the only way to get through this fear is to face it head on.

I came across a web discussion of people talking about their fears and phobias:

Donna says she's deathly afraid of scary movies. Her husband, Tim, wants her to get over her fear and watch them with him. Because of some horror films she has seen, Donna refuses to go to the beach, get a dog, or go camping.

Justin says he's scared of people in costumes and avoids them wherever he can. He even takes off work every Halloween to avoid anyone in a mask. His wife, Leslie, says his fear gets in the way of family trips and pictures with Santa.

Amy says she has a phobia of cotton and yarn. She can't open pill bottles, get manicures, or walk anywhere near an arts and crafts aisle. Her friends like to chase her around with handfuls of the offending material, but Amy is not amused. (

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