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Summary: Relying on the discipline of God.

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The resolution we are looking at today is relying on the discipline of God.

Prov 3:11-12

Discipline vs Disciple

The word discipline derives from the word disciple. Now when I say to you we need to be a disciple of Jesus we all go ok that’s not so bad, but when I say to you we need not fear the discipline of God well that’s just another story. It’s the same thing.


There are many disiciplines we can get involved in. When I here that word, I sometimes think of Gymnastics.


There are disciplines in that sport aren’t there?



Parralel Bars


Etc etc.

Each one of the disciplines is very different. Each one of them however exacts extreme discipline for the athlete to reach the top of their sport.

Olympics EG

Why don’t we see the discipline of being a disciple in the same way?

Disciplines in getting to top Make Changes

There are some very specific ativities that these sportsmen and woman go through. Diet is a big one, training and exercise, dedication commitment, I can go on and on.

We Change Too

When we are about the discipline of being a disciple, we need to make some pretty drastic changes in our lives too.

Our diet changes. We start feeding on a new form of diet

Training. We start doing this strange going to church and bible fellowhip thing. We start s tudying and training our minds hearts and consciences.

We dedicate ourselves to Christ and being like him.

Compelled to Bring Home Gold

Are you seriously dedicated to bringing home Gold. We may never score the perfect 10 from the judges, but boy we should feel compelled to give it a shot.

Compelled. Well the Olympics and its sporting disciplines originated from a marathon run by a solider – it developed into the Olympics. A spectacle of athletes giving it their all to do their very best.

Well Christianity is very similar. It also started with a marathon conducted by one man and has resulted in a spectacle of ordinary men and woman giving it their very best to show their discipline to the events He has asked us to complete..

External vs Internal

The word discipline conjures thoughts of external guidance. Christ is in us. Godly discipline therefore is something that we dedicate ourselves to doing from within. We listen to every word God says and we obey. How?

This morning I wanted to talk a little bit about the rod that God uses to guide us. Its called your conscience.

We have heard the expression convicted us to do this or that, well that’s your conscience talking.

Another Expression – Dwells Within Us

Now we are all quick to say – the Holy Spirit dwells within us. Well its that very in dwelling of the Holy Spirit that trains our

EG Car and Headlights

My car has a wonderful feature. Whenever I forget to turn off the headlights, a shrill warning goes off the minute I open the door. I don’t like its jarring sound, but I like what it saves me from--a dead battery.

Our conscience can work like that. When we sin or are tempted to, our conscience blows a whistle. It’s a sign that the Holy Spirit is either convicting us of sin or warning us before we do. If we do wrong, the jarring feelings from our conscience are meant to lead us to repentance. When we confess and repent, God forgives and clears our conscience.

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