Summary: Ever stuck your foot in your mouth?

How many of us have said things or done things in a moment of rage that we have regretted later? I know I have. How many times have we stuck our foot in our mouth just because we were irritated at something or someone? Isn’t it amazing our quickly our attitudes can change when someone upsets us or dissapoints us? Believe it or not the Scripture has a lot to say about the subject.

Notice Proverbs 14:17a-He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly...

-How do we act when we have a "short fuse"? It’s very clear we act FOOLISHLY! The next obvious question is, "Is this how God wants us to act?" The answer is a resounding NO! God doesn’t want His children acting foolishly, because we are suppose to be glorifying Him! You see acting foolishly is not the problem, it is only a SYMPTOM of a greater problem. The problem is getting "soon angry".

-If we don’t want to say foolish things and act foolishly then we have to deal with our temper! We must deal with the problem, not the symptom!

Notice Proverbs 14:29-He that is SLOW to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is HASTY of spirit exalteth folly. (emphasis mine)

-I think it’s obvious from Proverbs that God wants His people to be a people of wisdom and understanding. Therefore we are going to have to be slow to wrath! We are going to have to have God help us to "lengthen our fuse". We are going to have to step back and let God get the vengeance. It is not our responsibility to get revenge! It is our responsibility to love and forgive and pray for those that have hurt us! If we "stoop" to their level we are as guilty as they are!

-If we have a hasty spirit we EXALT FOLLY (or foolishness)! God doesn’t want foolishness exalted! He wants righteousness exalted.

Conclusion: How can God lengthen our fuse? Through the indwelling power and work of the blessed Holy Spirit! As we surrender to Him the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, LONGSUFFERING, etc) will be evident in our lives! By the way anger and wrath didn’t make the list. It is not by our might, nor by our power that we will get the victory over the short fuse, but it is by God’s Spirit!

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