Summary: We have an obligation to continue the Lord's mission on earth to reach our Jerusalem and beyond.

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Luke 9:51


• This verse begins the last 6 months of Jesus ministry before He died on the cross for us.

• From here through chapter 21 the emphasis shifts from miracles to parables, from deeds to words.

• Everything about His life is centered on His goal of dying on the cross and training His disciples to carry on His ministry after He ascends back to the Father.

• The Son of God is crossing a bridge to Calvary and there is no turning back.

• In this short verse I see some truths that you and I need to get a hold of.

• [Illus.] The truths of this verse were demonstrated to me in my short basketball career – We called ourselves “Barnie’s Bunnies” [our coach was Coach Barnette] – our record was 1-17

o The one game we won – we were so far ahead, the coach let me play – on the second half jump ball and I scored – for other team – You have to know your goal

o In practice – my shots were going left and then right – coach said “Notice which way you are facing!” – I wasn’t squaring up – You have to face the goal

o In practice – my right elbow was sticking out to the side – “Wilson, you need to practice and practice keeping your arm straight up and down” – You have to have a strong commitment to reach your goal.

• Do you know where you are going? Is there a goal out there that you are shooting at?

• Are you aiming at your goal?

• Have you committed yourself to reaching that goal?

• God has a goal for your life and He is seeking to fulfill it with daily vigor – Romans 8:29 and Philippians 1:6

• Last fall our church celebrated its 120th anniversary. Do we as a church know where we are going?

• In order to arrive at our intended [intended by God] destination we need three things.

Luke 9:51 Williams says “Now as the time was coming to a head when he should be taken up to heaven, He firmly set His face to continue His journey to Jerusalem”

1. We need to know our goal (to Jerusalem)

a. Jesus goal was where? Jerusalem!

b. He was going somewhere. He wasn’t a drifter, a vagrant, or a wanderer. He was a man with the plan.

c. He had been there before and those seeking His life had tried to catch Him

d. Jerusalem was where He would die a cruel death.

e. Yet that is where He was heading – Luke 9:53; 13:22; 13:33-34; 17:11; 18:31; 19:41

f. Notice – He didn’t weep over His destiny there – He wept over the sinful city itself. I’ve been to Jerusalem and it is a mission field.

g. In 1888 a small group of 8 dedicated Christians saw the southern part of Rowan County as their Jerusalem. And that is why this church stands on this corner.

h. Our Jerusalem is right here!

i. Last month our hearts turned toward South America in our International Mission emphasis. In two months our attention will turn toward our North America missions.

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