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Carnal people believe that healing is done only through human wisdom, knowledge and skill

* Carnal people believe that restoration is done only if a person is good enough to merit the healing

* Carnal people think that sickness is caused by one's own sin, mistake or ignorance

* Carnal people become angry, resentful or selfishly obsessed when they get sick

* Carnal people get frustrated by their sickness

* Carnal people can blame their sickness of the devil

* Carnal people let their sickness affect their spirits

* Carnal people sometimes think of suicide

* Carnal people generally see sickness as a bad thing

* Carnal people become overwhelmed by the burden of being sick

* Carnal people make a practice out of complaining to others about their illness

* Carnal people become devoted followers of "faith healers"

* Carnal people do not tend to learn much from illness

* Carnal people have a hard time believing that anyone will be able to deliver them from their illness

* Carnal people believe that all healing is in the atonement of Christ

* Carnal people cannot understand why God did not deliver such spiritual people like Paul the apostle

* Carnal people believe that since all healing is in the atonement, all sickness is of the devil

* Carnal people believe that all sickness is a direct consequence of sin

* Carnal people believe that Godly people will be delivered from all sickness, weakness and sin

* Carnal people become confused when God people die

* Carnal people wrongly accuse people of sin when they become sick or bodily weak

* Carnal people see sickness as a sign of backsliding

* Carnal people believe that handicapped people can be completely restored to normal

* Carnal people resort to psychics or astrologers

* Carnal people become obsessed with their sickness

* Carnal people enjoys sharing their sob stories with anyone who will listen to their problems

* Carnal people would rather rely on their own insights than on God's leading in their treatment

* Carnal people wrestle with God about the reasons why they have fallen ill

* Carnal people get stressed out through sickness

* Carnal people command God to respond to their prayers for healing, restoration

* Spiritual people believe that God can use human wisdom, knowledge and skill, but He brings healing

* Spiritual people realize that God brings healing to the good and to those who are undeserving of mercy

* Spiritual people believe that a person may become ill for many reasons, including to show God's power

* Spiritual people know that God can work all things together for good if we love God and fit into His plan

* Spiritual people look for God's lesson in the situation

* Spiritual people realize that sickness can come from the devil and some comes from the Lord

* Spiritual people make the most of each situation

* Spiritual people know that it is only in the mind of God when He is ready to call us to heaven

* Spiritual people know that God can use sickness to humble us and mold us more into Christ's image

* Spiritual people thank God for every circumstances knowing that God can use everything for His will

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