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Summary: This message will describe the guilt of our actions for grieving the Spirit to sexual sin and our response to God.

Conviction of Sexual Sin

Psalm 38:5-7; 10, 17-18

Elder Clarence Weaver


David begins this psalm by requesting God to not discipline him in anger or wrath. Throughout this psalm we will see that David has committed sin and describes the guilt in dealing with the pain of sin. Perhaps, it was David’s diabolical plan to have Uriah kill after he had sex with his wife, Bathsheba which led to her becoming pregnant in 2 Samuel 11. David thought he got away with it, but something happen inside him spiritually and physically because he describes the pain of the consequence of his sin as arrows piercing him. David describes the burden of sin as a weight that is upon him. He feels the heavy hand of the Lord upon him. If we look at David in this text, we will see a man that is a mess, his skin shows it, his bones ache, and he was over his head in sin. If we have not totally submitted our conscience as the Holy Spirit is guiding us, then our sinful activities leave us feeling the burden and guilt of our actions of grieving the Spirit. We will begin to feel are disgusted with ourselves. We feel the conviction of not quite being the person we ought to be. Guilt weighs upon us like a sack of bricks. We are swept out to see and completely immerse in the guilt of our actions. David says his burden is too heavy to bear. Sin takes a terrible toll on our minds and our emotions my brothers and sisters. Many times the reason for our discouragement, anxiety, and anger is due to our own sinfulness devastating our lives. This message will describe the guilt of our actions for grieving the Spirit to sexual sin and our response to God.

Can’t Stand the Smell: Psalm 38:5-7

(5) “My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness. (6) I am troubled; I am bowed down greatly; I go mourning all the day long. (7) For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease: and there is no soundness in my flesh (Psalm 38:5-7).

David says, “I stink. There’s an odor that emanate from me.” It wasn't the normal musty type of smell from sex but an abnormal smell described as rotting and decaying. Perhaps David was speaking spiritually or he was speaking physically, for you see my brothers and sister, most Bible scholars believe that the detestable disease in his loins of a sexually transmitted disease that resulted from his affair with Bathsheba. Just like David, people think we got away with it by dipping and dabbling in sexual sin, but they will feel the same conviction if they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The problem is if we practice our sexual sin long enough we begin to normalize it and we get used to the stench. Our sin doesn't offend us. The truth my brothers and sisters is our sin stinks. Like a decomposing corpse, our sin is rotting us causing a noxious smell in God’s nostrils. We stink to Him. Yet because we live in the sexual affairs of the world, we hardly notice the stench of one another. It’s such a familiar smell that we rarely turn our nose up at it. It isn't until we walk in purity for an extended period that we begin to recognize the unpleasantness of the smell of sin. Only when we walk in purity can we begin to smell what clean, fresh, pure air should smell like. Only then will we notice the decaying stench of sin.

Conviction of Sexual Sin: Psalm 38:10; 17

“My heart panteth, my strength faileth me: as for the light of mine eyes, it also is gone from me.” (Psalm 38:10).

“For I am ready to halt, and my sorrow is continually before me” (Psalm 38:17).

It is hard to describe the incredible amount of sorrow that comes from sinful activity my brothers and sister. We feel we can’t trust and tell anyone what we are experiencing from our sinful actions. Yet David tries to express his sorrow by expressing his sighing to God. Verse 10 seems to describe the emotional and spiritual sorrow he feels. If you have a close relationship with God my brothers and sisters as David has, to be detached from God through sin is a sorrowful and painful experience in the soul.

Not only does David’s sorrow continue in his spirit, but the people around him avoid him. He is experiencing social sorrow as friends, companions, and neighbors stay away from him. Sin contaminates us my brothers and sisters. People know what we have done and do not want to be around us because of what we have done. The person paying for the consequences of sin is not popular. The boy spreading sexual transmittal disease is explicit not popular, or the single pregnant girl in high school does not have friends hanging out with her. These people will find out that they don’t have friends and fall into isolation for their evil. Sin separates us not only from God, but from those most important to us in our lives. This is Biblical truth in the church that is obeying the Lord’s commands. At the knowledge of unrepentant sin, disciples must withdraw themselves with those who will not return to God in hopes of repentance.

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