Summary: This message teaches us that Disciples are people who have convictions. We need more Convictions of our beliefs in order to lead us into action in following and serving our Lord.

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Convictions of a Disciple

2Tim. 1:3-14, Pastor Brad Rigney


A. This Week, Last Week, next week around our country there will be Thousands of Students beginning College. And in most every college there are, New Students who will be required to attend an Orientation Session or Class. Most of those Orientations will include some kind of teaching on Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Tolerance in regards to School Policy.

They will hear something like this: “We are a Community at the University. There are many people on the margins in society. People who of different ethnicities, class, gender, or sexual orientation. Yet, here we are all ONE and we must treat each person and validate each person as equal. We at the University expect all students and faculty to legitimize each individual’s experience and in fact will not tolerate anything else. We validate each person’ beliefs, truth claims and lifestyles by considering them equally true to our own. Your religious beliefs, for example are not better or more right than someone else’s – they’re just different. Your responsibility at this University is to celebrate the differences, respect and validate your fellow students.”

Today the Word is Tolerance. Now that sounds like a great word. I believe that Jesus was Tolerant in the traditional sense. He respected people, even when they didn’t believe or accept Him.

But today, the Word means something else. It means that you must not only Respect the other person’s beliefs but you Must consider them Equally TRUE as your own.

This teaching of Tolerance is not just taught to Students for the past 15-20 years, it is something that has permeated through our society.

The results have been a weak, ineffective, and often times paralyzed Church. It has caused a real disconnect between what most people claim they BELIEVE and yet their Actions are no different than those who don’t claim to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Last week, we learned that we all are Called to be a Disciple, not just someone who Believes in Jesus but a Disciple.

Now I am not saying that belief is not important – it is vitally important. It is through Belief, Faith, Trust in Jesus that we are Saved. It is through what & Who we believe that can change our lives. But I am saying that for a couple decades or so, in the US, not everyone who says they believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord are living for Him as a Disciple.

So what can we do? I think we need to understand that we are not only Called to be a Disciple but called to have a CONVICTIONS as a Disciple.

Convictions are such Strong beliefs that it forces me to Action.

What the trend in Tolerance has done is to make most people think that to have Convictions is unnatural, unwelcomed, unnecessary.

But Disciples have Convictions!

Let us look at Paul’s life from our passage today.

Notes from 2Timothy Passage:

- Conviction in the Power of the HS, Love, self-discipline. Vs. 7

- Conviction that He has served Jesus well, clear conscience, vs. 3

- Conviction that any suffering in serving the Lord is worth it compared to the Kingdom, vs. 8

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