Summary: Trusting in the Lord to see you through

Getting Corrective Vision

2 Kings 6:8-23

The older I get the worse my vision gets. Sometimes Kathy and I cannot even look up a number in the phone book. We use to get Brittney to do it but now we have bought a magnifying glass.

I believe our spiritual life is in the same situation we cannot see without someone to help us. So with the Lords help this morning we are going to get corrective vision.

Before we get started you need to understand we are in this together. I need you and you need a word from the God. Think about it you want Lysic surgery to correct your vision. Dr, says be here at 10:00am but you do not go, how’s the doctor going to fix your eyes if you do not go? Same thing what if doctor tells you to be there and yet he goes golfing at that time, same results we are in this together. You do as the Lord leads but this old preacher needs help, we may have to borrow the ladies day cards the one they hold up when you are to say amen.

In 2 Kings read 6:8-12

Reason 1 The first reason we need corrective vision is because sometimes we do not see things like they really are. The scripture we just read shows us just that. You need to understand what’s going on here. The king of Syria wanted to go to war with Israel, so he made a plan of attack and the only ones he told was his servants but Elisha the prophet warned the King of Israel about where there camp was. The King of Syria could not understand what was going on. He ask his servants in Vs. 11 which of us is for Israel? The king thought one of there own was telling Israel there plan of attack. The way the king saw it that was the only way Israel could have found out.


But his servant told him to get his glasses and take a closer look. Vs.12 he said King your not seeing this the way it really is, he told him Elisha is the one, Elisha even knows what you say in your bedroom.

The king of Syria thought he had a traitor he was not seeing this as they really were.

Sometimes aren’t we guilty of the same thing. We think we have a pretty good idea why things are happening the way they are, maybe we need to get our glasses on.


Reason 2

We Need Corrective Vision is we are Far Sided. Vs.13-15

King of Syria finds out where Elisha is and he sent an army to get him. He sent so many they circled the city of Dothan they were going to make sure he did not escape. In vs.14 Elishas servant got up and must have went out to Wal-Mart because he found out what was going on. Now he is tore up he goes back to Elisha, look what he says vs.14

What Shall we Do!!! He knows they got an awful lot of soldiers and the servant is scared to death. His looking at the circumstances around them, he’s afraid worried, now what I love is Elisha response and if you cannot get excited about anything, this otta get you fired up.

Vs.16 Fear not for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. Amen, now the servant must have thought Elisha had lost his mind, you see he was near sighted. He was looking around and could not see very far. He must have thought us more than them , there is only 2 of us and more of them than I can count.

We do that your pastor does that looks at the situation and thinks it’s hopeless we to can be far sighted, scared worried, in a panic focusing only on what we can see.

3rd Reason for Corrective Vision We cannot See What God is doing

Vs.17 the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha . The servant got a better look, he looked Elisha pray said now he is seeing, God opened his eyes and he sees God has an army of His on. slide

Now do you get this Syrians army had Dothan surrounded they want Elisha it looks like all is lost, we might as well give up. No hope at all, Then after a closer look, we see what God is doing on our behalf. That may not do anything for you but it certainly encourages me. Look what he does He has blinded the Syrian army

What was hopeless has turned around fast. We are not giving up either. Don’t let worry and discouragement take over. Look to the hills strain your eyes. Pray God will open our eyes that we can see.

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