Summary: Living free from all the corruptions is a blessings

I Sam 8:1-9 ‘Corruption and God’

By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan

8:1-2 Family Ministry:

Family is a gift. Living together wife, Children is greatest gift(Ps.127:1). Praying as family, worshipping as family, and doing ministry as family is a blessing. Joshua says throw away all your petty gods, gods of money, power, position, desires, lusts, etc., and serve the Lord. (Josh 24:14-15). Samuel and his children served the Lord.

8:3 The Character of the Children:

His sons did not walk in the ways of the Lord. The Children of Eli failed, the children of David failed, children of Israel failed.

Who is responsible? Father or Mother? The grown up children don’t attend the Church, don’t spend time in prayer, don’t read the Bible. Many time we force the children to do all these. The end result will be negative. Is it out of love for God or any other purpose?. Teach them to Believe on God, lean on God, trust God and love God. Let them experience the grace of God. How many parents are insisting their children to go to Sunday School, Youth Fellowship for a good purpose?. Some are interested in programs and performances in the programs and the gifts they receive before all.

The children Samuel became greed, turned towards dishonest gain, and accepted the bribes. I can’t understand why it had happened in the family of Samuel who witnessed the curse, punishment and death of Eli and his sons.

Probably their association/friendship. Please watch out your children and their life.

Greedy man fills his house with robbed materials(Pr.1;13) and destroys his own house(Pr.15:27). God warns: Ex.23:8 & Dt.16:19 Don’t accept Bribe, it blinds you. Whoever accepts bribe is a wicked man(Ps. 26:10), a thief and robber(Is.1:23), a Cursed man (Dt.27:25), and his house will be consumed by fire, eternal fire will consume their children and grand and great grand children(Job.15:26). “Koil sothu kula nasam(Tamil Proverb: Eating God's property brings curse)”. E.g., Gehasi got leprosy in those days (II ki.5:26-27).

Promise for the righteous: Our God is not taking bribe(II Chr.19:7) his blessings are never based on how much you give to the Lord but how you give, from where you give is very important(ISam.15:22-23). Highest life, safe fencing, food and water are the added blessings (Is.33:15).

8:4-5 Give us a King: The people who are frustrated with the system and with the corrupted leaders always see the secular world and wanted to implement those ideals, values, system of administration in the Church.

We should always think of Theocracy model and not the world models. The early church never adopted the Roman model but Christ model(Jn.18:33,36-37). The Israelites were asked not to follow the systems of the neighboring countries but YHWH model(Lev.18:3-5). Don’t follow the ways and methods of the unbelievers.

8:6 Prayer is a mighty weapon: God had given prayer as the mighty weapon for believers, and to servants of God(Eph.6:18). All other weapon brings destruction. Don’t revile, no revenge, no backbiting, no crowding, no grouping but wait upon the LORD(I Pet.2:20-23), be a blessed person(Mt.5:11-12).

8:7-9 People were against Samuel:

The people who were experience the good ruling, judgment, prophecies of Samuel, suddenly turned against him. God said to Samuel “I have chosen you before the birth, brought you to temple, made you a prophet and priest, gave the word(I Sam 1:19-21). childhood and used you mightily. Don’t be dismayed but “Now listen to them”(v.9). God’s permission in certain cases are not the will of God but a costly lesson to a believer. E.g., Sarah’s advice to Abraham.

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