Summary: You can’t repent too soon, you don’t know how soon it may be too late, repentance not only say l’m sorry but l’m through.

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The Bible says, “In His presence is the fullness of joy. When the enemy wants to start to attack us, his first point of call is the heart. When God wants to start moving in our lives too, the first point of call is the heart. Therefore, our serious battlefield is the mind. I would not be surprised if you have ever thought of killing yourself or perhaps, battles have been fought in your heart regarding godliness and unrighteousness, and unrighteousness has prevailed.

This is no time to deceive you. The Bible says, “Children, this is the last hour.” So, call unto God, cry to Him with the following prayer points.

1. Holy Ghost fire, blood of Jesus, purge my heart, in Jesus’ name.

2. Return unto your resting place, oh my soul, in the name of Jesus.

This message entitled, “Counterfeit repentance” is for those who are tired of living a life that is lesser than that of the eagle. The eagle stays on the tallest branch of the tallest tree on the tallest mountain. The hunter that would shoot down the eagle is not a small hunter. So, this message is for those who want to fly like the eagle.

If there is a counterfeit thing, it means that there is its original; without the original, there can’t be the counterfeit. Repentance is a powerful word in the Scripture. It is repeated many times in the Bible. There would have been no need for repentance, if man had not found himself in the valley of sin. For many years, I was in a church where we do a lot of ceremonies. We opened our service with dancing. The time of processional hymn was dancing time, we danced into the church. We said the opening prayer, sang hymn No. 1, heard the announcement, sang hymn No. 2. Then offerings were taken; sometimes, up to ten times during the service. They were not the kind of offerings that the ushers collect while you are seated. The bowl was at the front and you had to dance from your seat to the place, put in whatever you had and danced back to your seat. There were also special offerings by those who had been healed of sicknesses and those who survived in accidents. They came forward with their friends. So, often offerings took up to two hours and everybody would dance and rejoice. And when it was time for message, people would be tired because of the exercise and would be sleeping. The preacher would then say, “Well, when the soup is very sweet, you don’t need too much of it, so five or 10 minutes sermon is enough for us.” That time the enemy was eating deep into the lives of people. It was very sad. We continued like that until one day, as we were clapping, jumping and rejoicing as usual, a woman who had gone to the mountain where she prayed for seven days came in and said that the Lord directed her to our church. She sat down at the back and watched as all of us were dancing, rejoicing and clapping. And suddenly a word of prophecy came from her: “What are you doing here? All these noise you are making here, do you think it is getting to my ears? I am calling you only to one thing, Repentance.” She said this twice and then said: “There are amongst us here people who are wearing wigs of animal hair on their heads, why won’t they behave like animals.” She went on and on and everybody calmed down. It was the first time somebody told us the truth which they say is always very stubborn and very bitter. It is only those who want to move forward that like the truth.

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