Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God’s covenant of grace for the believers brings provision and protection.

If we judged what we do by the news, we would be a hermit:

There is a warning today about the subway, there is a warning today about the airports, there is a warning today about the drinking water in Orlando, Florida. There is a warning. . . Why should I be worried about the water near Disney World? I can go to a restaurant and eat food and get sick and die. Jesus said, Lo I am with you always:

• railways highways byways

• skyways waterways walkways

• anyways every-ways all-ways

If I listen to the media, I will get a 100 gallon tub, go to the store and buy compound full of canned foods, put tape around my windows, get a good supply of candles, lock & bolt the door, buy a 357 magnum and pepper spray, and isolate myself while I stay tuned to the news to wait and see what is going to happen. I AM NOT ABOUT TO LOCK MYSELF UP LIKE A HERMIT, Jesus said, the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the world, and then the end shall come!

Protection and Provision are guaranteed in the covenant! When God told the Israelites to put the blood on the doorposts of their home, God supernaturally protected an entire nation, while judgment fell all around them.

Now that God had protected them, and they are on their way to the Promised Land, they are in need of miraculous provision. 600,000 men, around 2.5 Million total Israelites. They came out as slaves. How many of you know that you don’t give slaves weapons to fight with? So the Hebrews are chased by Pharaoh, who knew they didn’t have weapons to turn around and fight him.

But God opened up a path in the Sea. Now if that path would have been wide enough for 10 people (and 800 miles long) to cross at the same time, it would have taken 50 days and nights to get the people across. But instead, God got them across in 1 day and a night, so the path must have been 5000-people wide.

Now two chapters later, you see the Israelites fighting Amalek with weapons of war. Where did the weapons come from? Josephus states that the weapons were the ones washed ashore from Pharaoh’s drowned army.

They had food to eat. For 2.5 Million people, it would take two trains 1 ½ miles long each filled with food. But God gave them manna 6 days a week for 40 years. For water for 2.5 Million people for 40 years – water to drink, wash, give drink to their animals, it would take a train 1800 miles long – one that would stretch from the east coast to the west coast. God provided water from a ROCK – 11 million gallons per day!

Then God’s people said, we’re tired of manna, we want meat to eat! God sent a strong east wind and the quail got caught up in it, 6 feet deep around the camp. He that gathered the least gathered 105 bushels of quail – 6700 quail each – $20 billion dollars worth of quail. Bible says they ate it for 30 days, until it came out of their nose. Can you imagine what they did with the feathers?

When God makes a covenant with you, God will keep His word.

∙ Joshua needed more time to fight a battle, God affected the whole universe

We don’t see ourselves as covenant people, we say, I’m a sinner saved by grace.

I have a covenant with God, I don’t have to be a poverty-stricken, struggling, weak, low-life. I’m a Christian.

We must understand the position we have in God. We think, these were people of the Bible, they never failed God. God will do great things for them.

∙ Mistakes of Lot (and his daughters), Abraham & Sarah, David, Moses

They were as dysfunctional as us. One minute they had faith, the next it lapsed. One minute their praising, the next day you see them wrapped up in murder. One day they are being delivered, the next day they’re lying around drunk.

Your provision and protection in the future, come in your understanding of the covenant. God put things in creation for your to enjoy – fish, mountains, deer, sports, malls.

Growing up, you couldn’t skate (too much like dancing), you couldn’t even play marbles – took the verse “Marvel Not”.

You must understand the blessings of a covenant relationship. When I married Pam, we entered a covenant. What she has is mine and what I have is hers. She took on my name. Our covenant is perpetual – love for this life and eternity.

Malachi 3:16-18

16 Then those who feared the Lord ?e?spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them; so a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name.

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