Summary: A covenant is a serious agreement two parties enter into and they must not be taken lightly, especially the covenant we have with God.

Covenant Smuvenant

2 Corinthians 3:4-18

Remember Daffy Duck—whenever he thought something was not important, he would say “smuvenant.” Have you ever just blown something off? You know, “it’s no big deal; it’s not really important.” Well, the covenant that God made with Abraham that was fulfilled in Jesus and has been extended to us by God’s grace through faith “is a big deal.” It is the New Covenant of Christ of which our text this morning says that we are servants. Let’s consider the importance of this new covenant for our lives today.

What is a covenant? It is a contract attested to by WITNESSES.

A. In the Old Testament, the covenant was ratified by the “cutting” of the sacrificial animal.

B. Next, the animal was split or torn apart, separated so that the two parties in the covenant could pass between them.

C. As the parties passed, they were agreeing that what happened to this animal should be what happened to them if they broke their agreement.

D. To God, the covenant is very important. His reputation is at stake, and He will never, never break His covenant as long as we are keeping our side of the agreement.

Why a covenant? God has made a covenant with us so that we might be ABLE.

A. Without a covenant we could not have the confidence that Paul said we have through Christ.

B. We are adequate—sufficient—been made able by God’s grace alone. The new covenant in Christ has made us adequate before God. Our righteousness is as filthy rags and certainly is not adequate to make us servants of God.

C. This gives us the hope that we need to stand before God—to stand before men to boldly proclaim the gospel of this new covenant.

Wow! A covenant! Now what are we going to DO?

A. For those of us who have entered into this covenant by faith, we have a responsibility to live up to our side of the agreement.

B. Which is—to serve Jesus. Since we know that God is faithful, it gives us confidence and motivation to be faithful also.

C. What is faithful service? When does service end? How can you serve?

D. Nominating committee and committee on committees are seeking servants. The Life Ministry Plan is seeking servants. This community is seeking servants.

E. Jesus is seeking servants who will go out into those fields which are white unto harvest. Are you ready to serve?

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