Summary: 1st in a series based upon the book titled "Under Cover" by John Bevere that teaches the Protection we receive if we are covered by God’s Authority.


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Pastor James May


Sermon #1 in a series based upon the teaching of John Bevere’s book titled “Under Cover, The Promise of Protection Under His Authority.”

When we use the phrase “under cover”, what thoughts come into your mind? It could range anywhere from a child being covered with a blanket to police detective work to a spy operating covertly in a foreign land. In every instance that we could think of, the phrase “under cover” always carries with it the thought of Protection and Freedom,

What can this mean to a Christian? Psalms 91:1-2, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust."

Simply put, it means that the one dwells in the place of safety under the shadow of the cross will place his faith and confidence in Jesus and under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Authority is one of those words that strikes fear and dread into the heart of man. No one will rule over me! I have my rights! I make my own decisions. No one likes to be under the authority of another man, but we all must realize that any authority is ordained of God. It is the Father who establishes those who have the rule over us and if we reject that authority then we reject the plan of God for our lives and the protection and benefits that His protection will bring.

Why do men reject authority over them? There may be any number of reasons.

1)You had previous leadership that was harsh and uncaring

2)Your view of authority is one that limits you in any way. They keep you from enjoying the things you want to enjoy doing. They limit you from doing what you think is best for yourself.

3)You don’t have faith in those in authority over them because you haven’t learned to trust their motives. You are fearful that they will do more harm than good.

So What Attitude do we take concerning any unknown authority that exerts power over us? I’m not going trust any authority over me or submit to any authority over me until I first agree with them.

What do you think God thinks about when it comes to us submitting to authority in our lives? What about submission to unfair authority? What about submitting to corrupt leadership? What about submitting to authority that gives us advice that we know is wrong? What if that authority over us is leading us into sin?

Where do we draw the line? Where does obedience stop and where do personal conviction, and the right to rebel against authority begin?


Being a veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, this point was driven home so often by the authority that was placed over the military forces of our nation at that time. So many times, orders were given that made little or no sense. There were a number of times when those orders were given only so that the leaders could receive glory for their accomplishments regardless of the cost in life and limb of the soldiers in the field under their command.

Numerous occasions were noted where the soldiers in the field would actually rebel against their leaders who were in authority, because those leaders would command them to do things that meant suicide or that would accomplish no useful goal.

There were times when the leadership was murdered to prevent such orders from being issued.

It is not the purpose of this teaching to expound or determine the rights of soldiers or the failures of military authority in our armed forces.

My point here is only to state that there are times when we feel compelled, for whatever the reason, to question those who have been placed in authority over us.

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