Summary: Our True Intended Purpose discoverd outside of our creative mandate.

Created With Purpose

Most of our lives people have called us stuck up, full of ourselves and did not know why they felt the way they felt, nonetheles, they could not deny the fact that there was something different about us.

They looked at us and turned up their noses becauase they could not see where we were going.

So they gave up on us and we begin to dream our greatest dreams and see our greatest visions.

Now your biggest dreams are coming to fruition and those same folls whon didn’t understand why you were going through the process that you were , furthermore, they should not have tripped because God was not through with you yet.

Now they look back down memory lane to recognize that all they coul see was you potential and not your purpose.

This season the enemy is investigating your future so he can head you off at the path that God wants to take you down to position you.

The enemy understands that if he fights you from your "now" (Present) he can hold you of from your "next" (Future).

THe enemy Knows that if you get to your predestined purpose he will be paralyzed and your next could impact the world.

Romans 8:28-31

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