Summary: "And God created..." Words we believe in but sometimes lose sight of how magnificent of a God we have to do what is done in Creation...

Wed Night Bible Study - Creation

Lesson/Sermon 1 - Intro and Day 1

Genesis 1:1-5 (ESV) Read v1-5 now

v1 - This verse is a statement of what happened during the ENTIRE creation process. Moses begins by letting his readers know that the earth was not an accident or something that has been here all the time... BUT that there was a distinct point in time when God -- the God of the Universe -- made a decision to create the universe and the earth. It is OUR beginning but not THE beginning, as God is eternal...

Another aspect that comes to mind here is the question many ask... and that is if we are alone in the universe... after all it is such a vast expanse... surely we cannot be the only form of life in the universe.

Well I am NOT advocating that there are little 'green' or 'grey' men flying around in UFOs ... but the fact of the matter is that we do NOT know what God created in total.

We know that He is creator and we believe He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent... If we believe this, why is it difficult to think that God created other worlds as well...

His grace and mercy are unbounding and His love knows NO end, so it is NOT a limitation for God... but it is a limitation and stumbling block for many believers to think that God would have other worlds to care for or other people to save...

Personally, I don't give this any serious thought. God is creator of OUR world, and God is limitless in what He can and chooses to do... why would I put any limitations on Him?

However, with that being said, I am not going around propagating that there are "other" worlds out there... I just don't believe this is something we need to worry about or concern ourselves with...

The main point we MUST understand from this text is that OUR world was Created and God was its Creator!

v2 - So how was the world created? Well there is a Latin term that is used when speaking of 'how' God created our world and this universe... "Ex Nihilo" and it means from nothing! Meaning that our world and our universe were created by God from nothing... out of thin air (so to speak)

Before God spoke there was nothing and after God spoke there was something... God did NOT use spare cosmic building blocks that were laying around not being used. God simply spoke our universe and our world into existence...

In Hebrews 11:3 we read, " faith we understand that the universe was created by the Word of God, so that what is seen was NOT made out of things that are visible..."

This verse coupled with Moses' writings here in v2 give us the picture that God had nothing before Him and He spoke and the world and universe were created by God simply by his voice!

v2 says the earth was without form and void... what a picture! Do you know of anything that is without shape and is void of mass... void of space... that is simply void? No all things we see are of some shape and they have mass and are not 'void'... YOU may think something is worthless but they are NOT void and shapeless... they exist!

Moses is telling us here that the world as we know it did NOT exist and these are the only words he knew to use to express this sense of emptiness...

Many of us think of empty space and God filled that space with our universe... but if we take what Moses says here and what the writer of Hebrews says... then there was literally NOTHING outside of God before God's creative activity... this can boggle our minds b/c we are finite and we cannot comprehend infinite nothingness

v3 God's activity begins and God says let there be light...up to this point we must understand that there was NOTHING but void, shapeless darkness and here God brings light to Creation... but I want us to understand the enormity of what God has done here... God did not say let there be A light... God spoke light itself into existence! This is NOT our sun God is creating... it is light itself! Before God spoke these words there was nothingness... a void that was empty of light... But here God speaks into creation light itself!

v4 tells us that God saw the light and said it was GOOD! and that he separated the light from the darkness... Today we cannot imagine light and darkness dwelling in the same space... it does not 'compute' in our minds, but here Scripture is clear in letting us know that God separated these two things... and they remain separate to this very day... where there is light darkness cannot abide! God grants light the power over darkness in that darkness can only prevail where there is NO light... even the smallest light will be victorious over ANY darkness.

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