Summary: A Journey Through the Larger Story of the 66 Books of the Bible.

So hey there, great to see you, and welcome to this safe place of rescue that we call DCC. We are pumped that you are here with us on this summer weekend. If you are a new friend here with us today for the very first time we want you to know that we know that you have lots of things to do with your time, we are honored to have you with us, and that regardless of how your story reads or what you believe you are in a safe place full of people just like you. We hope that you a great experience and want to come back real soon. As always, we want to say hey to all of our online friends old and new tuning in right now too. Good to have you with us. One last thing before we jump into this and kick off this new series. How about student takeover weekend last week? Wasn’t that amazing? I am stoked about what God is doing in, through, and with the next generation in this place. Hopefully after last week you have a real good feeling about the incredible team that we have leading them too.

ILLUST> So back when I was a kid growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, a vacation for our family of four was usually a short drive of an hour or two to some state park somewhere. Actually, that’s all I ever knew until one year when I was 10 or 11 years old, my mom decided that we needed to take my grandparents with us and make the 6 hour drive to her uncle’s horse farm down in Tennessee. We drove my grandmother’s 1973 Chevy Caprice. Any of you mature people remember that car? It looked like this only hers was blue. That thing was a tank. I think it could have handled 10 people comfortably. So we get to the farm and the next morning I want to ride a horse. I’m a boy, who wants to believe I’m a cowboy, and everybody knows that cowboy’s ride horses. So my great uncle tells my dad that he will go saddle some up for us. My dad insists, no all he needs to do is sit on a horse. I was so disappointed. So my dad takes me over and sits me on a bareback horse. It was so boring. I just sat there while my dad talked to my uncle. But then, I remembered what I had seen on tv. Horses run when you kick them in the sides. Why not? So, I did, and that horse took off flying full throttle through the field. I held around his neck as tight as I could trying not to fly off with my dad and uncle chasing behind and yelling at the top of their lungs for the horse to stop. All of a sudden I looked up and there was about a four foot fence straight ahead about 30 yards out. I remember thinking this is it, this is where I die. I was terrified. The fence was getting closer and closer and we weren’t veering off or slowing down. Then all of a sudden about 10 yards out the horse decided to throw on it’s brakes and start eating tall grass. Somehow I managed to stay onboard and proved my cowboy status. It was one of the scariest most awesome things I have ever done.

Here’s the thing. To this day, that is the only thing that I remember about that road trip. That’s how it usually works isn’t it? The most memorable things tend to happen not in the car on the road but at the stops we make along the way. That’s really important for us as we jump into this new series that we are calling Route 66. Route 66 was originally was a highway which became one of the most famous roads in the United States, that ran from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica California from 1926 until 1985. For many years it served as the primary route for those who were migrating west looking for a better life. Here’s why we are calling this series that. We believe the journey through the 66 books of the Bible to be the path to a better life too. Now, obviously, we can’t cover all 66 books in just 7 weeks but just like my trip to Tennessee as a kid, the most memorable parts of the story, will come from the 7 strategic stops we make along the way. 66 books that make up one large life-changing story, a story that a lot of us struggle to really know, comprehend, or understand. Let’s jump into this together and see if we can change that.

If you brought a Bible as you might guess we are going to be in Genesis chapter 1 today. If you don’t have a Bible they are back on the back tables that you can grab right now if you would like if you close or on you can always grab one on your way out. As always you can hit our app or the YouVersion app too. Or you can ignore all of that and read along with me on the screens. So here we go, Genesis chapter 1 verse 1…

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