Summary: This lessons lays open the mistakes and fallacies of some scientific evidence claiming the earth is millions or billions of years old.

Genesis tells us God created the water covered Earth, Light, Sky, Dry Land and Plants in only three days. Then He made the Sun, Moon, and Stars. The fifth day saw the creation of Fish and Birds. Finally, on the sixth day. God created the Animals and Man.

Yet, some say, “Six days? Really? Nobody but those hardcore religious nuts believe that. Those folks are ignorant of all the modern-day science and all of the real facts. Didn't they learn anything in school or don't they even watch the Science Channel?”

Yes, most of us have been exposed to those taunts and false theories about the earth's creation and even sometimes the violently aggressive disbelief of God's Creation of our Earth and Universe. Public schools, Universities, and media coverage have used their combined efforts to embed disbelief in the very first book of the Bible. Christians and Jews alike are portrayed as uneducated and 'unenlightened' morons compared to “those in the know”.

Let's review some of the science and evidence “those in the know” chose to ignore.

Have you read about or heard the story of the Lost Squadron's as it could, amazingly, correlate to Creation evidence? No, I'm not speaking of Flight 19 when five Grumman torpedo bombers that disappeared within the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. In that case, because definitive physical evidence has yet to be found, all sort of theories abound.

No, the Lost Squadron of this lesson revolves around a plane named “Glacier Girl.” (You may wish to Google her so you can offer pictures of the physical evidence to your audience.) She was one of six P-38 fighters and two B-17 bombers forced to make emergency landings on a Greenland ice field. Glacier Girl is a powerful story that discredits many scientists that expounded theories that thick layers of ice and snow must take millions of years to form and our recent, man-made, global warming is a terrible threat to our very existence.

On 15 July 1942, the flight of eight War-birds, with a combined crew of 25, took off from an Air Base in Maine headed for the United Kingdom but flew into unexpected terrible weather. What followed was a harrowing and life-threatening landing of the entire squadron on a remote ice cap. Fortunately for all, the entire lost crew was rescued and returned safely back to base after spending several days on the barren, inhospitable ice.

However, Glacier Girl along with the other planes was eventually buried under more than 260 feet of snow and ice that had built up quickly within a span of time measured by only a few decades. The first plane of the lost squadron was found in 1988, and another was salvaged in 1992. Glacier Girl has been fully restored and flew again for the first time in 2002.

This propaganda of ‘slow and gradual’ of how such things are (were) formed is so ingrained in our society today that it came as a shock to people when they read Glacier Girl was under 268 feet of snow and ice. In fact, shallow ice was exactly what the salvage team expected. After all, since the planes had been there only a few decades, then the ice should only be a few feet deep. They believed the planes would only be under a very thin sheet of ice.

You see, all the scientific misbeliefs and theories usually taught as 'Facts' had nothing to do with actual evidence but were assumptions made about the past – used to interpret the evidence revealed in the present. However, Glacier Girl is only the tip of the iceberg of evidence that contradicts this pervasive 'slow and gradual growth' propaganda about many aspects of earth's history.

Most Evolutionists believe the ice on both of the earth's poles took thousands, if not millions of years to form. Even among themselves, they often purport different timelines to support their own particular theory. They are quick to disregard the present day physical evidence and the valid viewpoints of believers in God's six-day Creation. But is that not precisely the correct viewpoint to be made! Based on factual dates and comprehensive evidence! Many scientists mistakenly believe it took hundreds of thousands of years to build up the huge ice sheets that exist today. But if planes can be buried under that much snow and solid ice in only five decades, clearly there is sufficient time to form the thick ice sheets we see today well within the time-frame of documented biblical history.

Let's shine the spotlight on just a few of the most glaring mistakes reported as facts within the scientific communities.

As a High School student in the early sixties, I was taught that stalactites and stalagmites took a hundred years to grow a single inch. The Lincoln Memorial, constructed in 1911, yet as early as 1940, when you were allowed to see the underneath foundation and utility spaces, people observed stalactites of three to five feet hanging from the ceiling.

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